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@ashrithjain I could see in my delhivery account that a card pickup request has been raised but card is still not picked up and dispatched since 2 days Could you help?

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Hi, I had ordered one niyo global debit card but I received two in successive days. One on 26th July and other on 27th July. I don’t require 2 cards, so what should I do?
Please guide me regarding the same.

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Hi Vishal,

Thank you for highlighting the same, we would have the same investigated.

Hope the card numbers printed on the card matches and is the same as your virtual card.

PS: You can hold onto both the cards and use one as a back up card if required. :slight_smile: . Need not worry on the card fees, it would be applicable only for single card.


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Are there any annual charges and service charges for niyo by SBM?


Hello @Prateek_Kumbar ! There are no joining fees for Niyo Global VISA Signature ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit Card! Stay noted that the charges for the card is Rs. 499 + taxes per year from the second year onwards.

I ordered the physical card today as per process. The app shows the estimated delivery date to be 9th August. Can I somehow track the delivery of this product?

Hey @Amrit_Nayak ! To track your welcome kit, kindly headover to DELHIVERY ( and enter your registered mobile number and click on ‘track’. Hope this helps! If you do need further assistance, feel free to reach out again!


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Hi Team,

Is this the same like niyo global card previous issued with dcb bank etc…,

@ashrithjain I could see in my delhivery account that a card pickup request has been raised but card is still not picked up and dispatched since 2 days Could you help?

I have ordered the card on Saturday and the card hasn’t dispatched yet and on delhivery it’s showing pick up pending.

When will card get dispatched.

@ashrithjain @Vinay_Bagri

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Its been more than a day now, my account hasn’t been created yet. Please resolve the issue. Its just this screen comes everytime I log in. One of my friend and I were doing the process in parellel, his account was created immediately but mine has stuck here. I think its a bug issue. Please resolve it as soon as possible

Hey @Rohan_Singh1 ! Welcome to Niyo community! Could you please DM us your registered phone number so that we can have a closer look at the issue!

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Hey @Rohan_Singh1 ! Thank you for sharing the details. We’ve deleted the message as it contained sensitive information, but don’t worry, we’ve got the details. Meanwhile, just hang in there while we get this issue resolved.


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@ashrithjain - What do you mean by saying that “You cannot perform international transactions”. If this is true, defeats the whole purpose of this so called Global Card.

Hey @chaithanya_bonthala ! Welcome to Niyo community. It means that you cannot currently perform outward remittance. Rest assured, outward remittance is in our pipeline and will be available in the upcoming months.

@ashrithjain - Okay thank you for the quick response. I have few more questions.

  1. When will this beta program end?
  2. I loaded 5k to the account and ordered the card. Since this is a beta program, I was checking all the functionalities. In this process, I checked the “transfers” options and sent back the loaded 5k to my regular bank account. Should I load back that 5k?
  3. When will DCB card enrollment start?
  4. Now I have Savings Account in “Niyo Global by SMB”. So, am I pre-eligible to get “Niyo Global by DCB”?

Bugs I found as far as I noticed (Android 9) @Amrit_Nayak @Sai @Aswathy_Nambiar

  1. PAN card input box is not accepting the last letter of the number. I had to copy and then paste to enter the last digit of my PAN card.
  2. On clicking the “add payee” button upon successful OTP entry, the screen goes blank and unresponsive when adding beneficiary details. I have to click the back button to open the app again. But beneficiary details are successfully adding though.
  3. Auto-OTP detection is not consistent across the platform.

@Akaanshdeep_Singh @MANOJ_KUMAR2 ,

We will try our best and deliver the card within said time. Meanwhile, sit back and relax. :relieved: Trust us we are more than excited to onboard fervent customers like you :slight_smile:


Hey @chaithanya_bonthala ! Hope you’re having a great day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . Firstly, thank you for taking time and providing us with such detailed review.

(1/4) The application is still in beta phase. Do note that we’re rigorously working to provide you a better experience so that you don’t face any issues in the future. Stay noted that we’ll launch the stable version of the app once all the debugging is done.

(2/4) I’d recommend you to keep the balance in your Niyo Global SBM account as you’ll earn industry’s best 5% (*) p.a .

(3/4) We’ve currently paused the onboarding for Niyo Global by DCB. We’ll notify you once the onboarding process goes live.

(4/4) Please note that all the products are in partnerships with different banks. Hence you’re not pre-eligible for Niyo Global by DCB.

Hope this helps. If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again!



What charges are on IMPS/NEFT etc for fund transfer according to amount? and how can we select the different option from NEFT and others while paying?