Beta Version - Niyo Global in partnership with SBM Bank India (State Bank of Mauritius)🌎

Hi all,

We at Niyo are always striving to build a radically better and transparent way to manage personal finance - and none of this would be possible without feedback from our Community! The valuable insights that you all provide are essential to helping us ensure we’re streamlined with our user’s needs.

So, keeping up to our promise to get you involved in everything we do at Niyo, we’re excited to announce the BETA Launch of our latest upgraded Niyo Global offering - Niyo Global by SBM - and we want you to be a part of it!

What does a Beta tester do? :man_shrugging:

As a beta tester for Niyo Global by SBM, you will get to try out new features before they get released to our customers around the country.

We would like you to use the Beta app just as you would use any other app, exploring the range of benefits -

0 Forex Markup Charges
VISA Signature Tap and Pay Card
Upto 5% Interest on your savings
Zero Balance Savings account with Virtual Card
100% Digital Onboarding

And exciting features like

ATM Locators
Lock/Unlock card on the go
Airport lounge access across all major airports in India
Currency Converter
…and more!

All you need to do is visit:

Appstore for iOS:
Playstore for Android:
Download the app and get going.

An initial deposit of ₹5000 is required for ordering your card.

Don’t forget to share your feedback with us once you enjoy the Niyo Global experience like never before!


  1. Please note that this is a beta version of the Niyo Global by SBM app. Some functionalities may not be available to you as of now and you might encounter technical difficulties while using the product. We advise you to carry an alternative in case you’re travelling abroad. However, we are here to help, in case you need anything.
  2. Your physical card would reach you within 15 days from the date of ordering, please plan accordingly.
  3. We request you to be careful while filling in your personal details. Currently, we don’t have the option to update any changes in communication address, email ID, mobile number or nominee details, but we’re working towards making it happen. We will be keeping you posted once this is updated.


View SOC:

View T&C:

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I’m getting this error after uploading my sign and after it gave me a “server is down” error.

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Hey @Vrajesh_Trivedi ! I’d like to inform you that as of now nothing can be done to get you onboarded, but, rest assured, you’ll be among the first to be notified once you become eligible for the onboarding process. Regret the inconvenience.


I have created an account, plz contact on 7021804947 I need some help

Hey @harshal_jaiswal . Could you please DM me the help you need and we’ll try our level best to help you out!


I have deposited money 5K but its still showing pending action for delivering card. Also 5% interest in on amount above 5Lac, correct?

Yes, for incremental balance above ₹5 lakh, an interest rate up to 5% per annum will be applicable for the number of days the incremental balance is maintained.


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When does the account onboarding start again for this new beta card?
I need it before August 15 please. (I’ll be travelling to USA by then)
Android device.


Hello, I tried registering for the beta version of the program but, I’m facing certain issues while doing so.
The issues are as follows,

  1. On initialising the app it says there is an update available but there isn’t any in the playstore.
  2. When tried to register using Google the next window doesn’t pop up, it freezes on the same so I have to do the manual email registration.
  3. After providing details about pan if I skip the signature upload the process is terminated with some notice.
    Please look after these issues.
    Thank you in advance :relaxed:

Hi @Yashie,

Thanks for listing yourself in Beta version of Niyo Global by SBM. We shall work around it and provide you with an update soon.


I can see only few currencies in the app’s Currency converter. (For eg. Canadian Dollar is missing). Will I be able to perform transactions in CAD, since I’ll be travelling to Canada in the coming month?


Hi ,
I’m facing issues ordering the debit card. Even after transferring 5k to the account it’s not reflecting in the balance and hence unable to proceed to order the card. Can you please help me with the same? I’m registered with email address -


Hey @Hrithik_Gavali . CAD currency is present in Niyo Global. But, as it is in BETA phase, you are not able to see all the currencies. You will be able to transact in 150+ counties with this Niyo Global VISA Signature “Tap & Pay” debit card. Hope this helps! If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again!


@prakruthi_s : Thank you for the feedback, can you please try pulling down the home screen to refresh your balances and order the card.

Please do reach out to us if you still face any challenge.


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Hey @Vrajesh_Trivedi . As per our CKYC check, your KYC doesn’t meet our requirements. So, unfortunately, we’ll be unable to proceed you further with the onboarding. Regret the inconvenience. Hope to serve you in the future.


My account got created and I added sufficient money to get the physical card, I’m planning to travel on 4th August and the app says delivery will happen by 9th August, is there any way by which it can be expedited?
Hoping for a positive response,

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So what should I do to get me onboard? What’s wrong with my kyc?

Hi @Sai , it’s updated now, able to order the card. Thanks!


Hey @Vrajesh_Trivedi ! I’d like to inform you that as of now nothing can be done to get you onboarded, but, rest assured, you’ll be among the first to be notified once you become eligible for the onboarding process. Regret the inconvenience.


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