Queries regarding the new SBM card


I am a new user and I am really confused with all the different apps and partnership programs. Would really appreciate it if you can solve some of my queries

  1. Are the charges (forex conversion rate, pos charges, foriegn Atm) for SBM visa signature card same as for the Niyo global card BY DCB?

  2. What are the exact differences between the SBM visa signature card vs Niyo global card ?

  3. Is there any minimum account balance required to get the SBM visa signature card ?

  4. When are you planning to launch Niyo global card by DCB ? Is it going to be a full online KYC process as well .

  5. Are you guys delivering the SBM card? if I order now how much is it going to take to deliver it?

  6. Can we transfer the money back to some another account once we order the SBM card ?

Many students who are going abroad in August/September have the same questions. It would be great to have some more clarity from you guys

Cheers !

  1. Yes, forex charges for both the charges are same.

  2. Niyo SBM is savings account but DCB one is current. Niyo SBM app has virtual card(you can start using the card just after the account gets created) but global do not. Niyo SBM has atm withdrawal charges* for international atm withdrawal but in niyo global first withdrawal is free each month. Niyo SBM card is free for first year and 499+gst from second year where as global card becomes free after some spend. Niyo SBM has free domestic+international airport lounge access valid in India only , global DCB do not.

  3. Niyo SBM is 0 balance account but to order card your account should have 5000 balance.

  4. The card should get delivered within 15 days from date of order.

  5. Yes you can do that.

*Overseas networking bank may charge you for withdrawal which is over and above the charge levied by Niyo.


Thank you so much for all the information. I appreciate it. Btw are you sure about all the information, I mean are you speaking on behalf of the Niyo team?

Anyway, thanks !

No. As I am using both the accounts so my answer is based on that plus various replies received from the Niyo team.

And yes I am pretty sure about the information to the best of my knowledge.


Hey @Honey_Singh ! I would recommend you to keep the savings in the account itself as you will be earning industry’s best interest rate on savings that is upto 5%(*) p.a.

It will take 7 to 15 working days to deliver the card. And, yes, we’re delivering the card for the beta users too.

Yes, I will! Thanks for the information, can you please confirm what @goneo has said ? Also, when can be start expecting delivery of SBN visa signature card, I just applied for it through the app

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Thanks a lot for taking the time out and answering the queries perfectly. We would not have answered then better :).

Just reconfirming.

  1. Forex markup for Niyo Global - DCB & Niyo Global - SCB are both zero. You will get currency convertor in both apps for real time rates.
  2. Niyo SBM is a savings account earning you upto 5% on deposits and gives you ability to create UPI id using any third party app once you get the card. Niyo Global being on current account platform does not have these two features. Niyo SBM offers signature card, a higher variant to platinum card offered in Niyo DCB.
  3. 0MAB but 5K deposit needed to order Signature card.
  4. Niyo Global by DCB with video KYC will go live by end of August.
  5. Niyo SBM card takes 7-15days for delivery.
  6. Yes you can, but we would request you not to.



@ashrithjain also, In one of your thread you have mentioned that the cost of the card is 499 but the customer service team and in the app it is mentioned that the card is free for the first year. Can you please clarify

Hey @Honey_Singh ! The card is free for the first year, but for the consecutive years, it is Rs. 499 + taxes. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you so much @Vinay_Bagri for the detailed answer. This is immensely helpful. I have just ordered my card, and can’t wait to use it

Thanks again


How can I join Niyo SBM…I can’t seem to find anything on the app store under that name

I can assure you that we are building an absolutely top class experience suited for Global Indians. In case you are planning to travel abroad anytime soon, go for this product. You won’t be disappointed.

We are in beta here, hence there may be few bugs but rest assured that we are working 24/7 to get those resolved.



Hey @ScottishBaron . Kindly DM me your email address along with your device OS (Android/iOS) and we shall get you on the beta program ASAP!

https://www.goniyo.com/global/ … apply here and we will get back to you next week. Regards

One other major difference is that, In Niyo DCB, for international POS transaction, you have to make sure that your account has atleast 5% more amount than the amount you actually need for transaction as DCB debits this 5% as TCS at the time of transaction itself and revert after couple of days if the 7lac LRS limit is not breached. But this is not the case Niyo SBM as only the transaction amount gets debited.

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So how TCS is charged with the SBN card ??

Hello can I also join the global smb app
Here is my email id : gamparohit@gmail.com

My email is debapriyodas2000@gmail.com and I’m using iOS

Hello @Vinay_Bagri and Team,
This is Ghayaas from Bangalore. I am travelling soon to Vancouver, Canada by mid august for studies. I was in contact with niyo representatives to get a Niyo Global DCB card from over a month. But it seems that it wont be possible to get DCB card before i travel.
I would like to be enrolled for the beta program as i need the card urgently to pay my internaitonal tuition fees. Could you help me in the onboarding for the Niyo SBM beta program ASAP?

thank you
My email is: ghayaas2995@gmail.com
device: Ios

Hi @Honey_Singh,
In SBM POS & Ecom TCS charges will be applied when you exceed ₹7 lakh in your international transactions.

Hope this helps.

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