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INR100 plus GST plus receiving ATM BANK Charges for International ATM withdrawals.

How do I find out the receiver ATM bank charges and overall cost incurred with money withdrawals abroad?

Hey @Srini_Vasan ! Welcome to Niyo community. The acquiring bank’s ATM charges varies from Bank to Bank and cannot be said.

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The issue is still persistent. I haven’t got my account created yet. Please resolve the issue as soon as possible

Hey @Rohan_Singh1 ! We’re working on this issue currently as we speak. I request you to just hang in there while we get this sorted. If you have any other concerns, feel free to reach out to us again!


Hi team,
Thanks for introducing this new version.

I tried singing up on the app and I entered every information asked PAN, DOB, Place of Birth and the signature as well and it concluded that my ckyc does not met the requirements. Unfortunately, I am not onboarded and account does not created.
So, now I have given all my important and personal information on the app as I am not receiving the service and in few days I will not be present in India anymore as I am travelling abroad , and I want my given information to be deleted or tell me where and how it will be used or it is still saved as whenever i login with mobile number it is showing ckyc not valid so it means information is still present,

I hope you understand my concern and reply as soon as possible.

And please do tell if there is any hope of opening of account.


Hey @harshal_jaiswal ! There are no charges for IMPS and NEFT transactions. Stay noted that you cannot change the transaction type, i.e from IMPS or NEFT, we’ll automatically switch the types based on your transaction value.

@ashrithjain @Bansari Waiting for your replies.

@ashrithjain Sir waiting for your reply regarding my query.

Hi @singh_0001
Welcome to the Niyo Community!
We are working around an alternative for users dropped by CKYC issue, post that we will be able to onboard you. Trust me we would be more than happy to onboard you.
Watch out this space for more updates.


ok great thanks for the clarification

@Bansari As I already told you that I will not be present in India so it will be no use for me. Either please tell me the time for correction or please reply about my information issue.

Thanks in advance

@singh_0001 Allow us a day or two and we shall get back to you with a resolution.


Kindly include one more thing in Live Currency, except for US Dollars all currency come with 0 value and everytime we have to write β€œ1” as initial figure.

Can you please add initial figure for every currency in next update.

Does this mean tcs is not charged?

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Hi @Yash_C,

Yes, TCS is applicable when your international transactions exceed β‚Ή7 lakh in a given financial year.


Hi @Anmol_Batra,

As this a Beta version of product we are still working on streamlining things. Rest assured we are working on this.


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I loaded my account with 5k and thn order the card but after that I wnted to see if I can transfer money and whenever I am trying to transfer money it says account name and entity mismatch. Though I am entering correct info this issue is preventing from making any transaction.

Hi @Ajay_Agarwal,

Kindly DM us your registered number and we shall get a fix for it. Rest assured we are here for the rescue :muscle:t2:


Hey @Ajay_Agarwal ! We’ve deleted your message as it contained sensitive information. Rest assured, we’ve got the required details. Kindly make sure to DM a Niyo representative if your message contains any kind of sensitive information. We respect your privacy

Sure do let me knw once its resolved.