International transaction reliability

The Niyo Global by SBM Forex debit card seems unreal! :smiley:

I am considering to use it as my major card for my upcoming international (POS/Online) transactions, however I am slightly concerned because it’s still in beta. Some questions:

  1. I was wondering if anyone got a chance to check the card’s reliability on international locations?
  2. Are the reliability metrics publicly available?
  3. Is there a timeline for this to go off-beta?
  4. It looks like the only charges applicable for the international transactions are the currency conversion charges by Visa. Is that correct? Is there a calculator to calculate the charges?


  1. Not physically but did a forex transaction and it went smoothly.

  2. It’s too early for that but SBM being an foreign bank reliability shouldn’t be an issue.

  3. That’s currect for PoS/online transactions. Currency calculator is there in the app.

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