Stable release of Niyo Global (SBM)

Hi Team,

I would like to know when this Beta testing of Niyo SBM will be completed and a stable version of the product will be released.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Kumar3 ,

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We will spill the beans soon :slight_smile:


Hi @Bansari ,

Thanks for the reply.

May I know how soon? Any timeline?

Also, I would like to know one thing, how one can unload the money present in Niyo SBM card to another bank account?

and can you tell me about the minimum & maximum money transaction limit for per day, month & year for PoS, e-com/online, ATM.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kumar3 ,

(1/3) We do apologize we can’t give a set timeframe, but our team will come just as soon as there’s an update
(2/3) You can transfer funds from your Niyo Global by SBM account to any other bank account in India. You can transfer funds using your Niyo Global by SBM app in just a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Niyo Global by SBM app
  2. Click ‘Transfer’
  3. Click on ‘Transfer Funds’
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer
  5. Add New Payee
  6. Make the fund transfer
    You can also use Quick transfer feature to transfer funds without using adding a new payee.

(3/3) Limits ;
₹7.5 Lakh per transaction for POS
₹7.5 Lakh per transaction for Online transactions
₹1 Lakh per transaction for ATM transactions