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We’re here to decode the complexity of banking with our latest most exciting product, NiyoX. Now open your 2-in-1 Savings and Wealth combined account with NiyoX:

Niyo Global by SBM

Time to SPEND Globally, SAVE Locally with the all new Niyo Global by SBM Bank.

Personal Finance

Checkout this space to become a pro at Personal Finance and learn how to manage your money and make the most from it!

Niyo Ideas & Feedback

Niyo Ideas and Feedback is your kingdom. It’s a space for you to share with us ideas you strongly believe in and we’ll try turning it into reality.
It’s a space for you to give us your feedback in all honesty and we promise to act upon it with the utmost integrity till all your queries are resolved.

Niyo Discovery

Niyo Discovery is about All Things Niyo. You can find the latest news about our company, announcements about new products and interesting updates about people who help build a #BankingYoullLove with all their heart and soul!

Niyo Bug Bash

Find the bugs and tell us where they are!

Niyo Money

Niyo Money allows you to invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks and Goals all from one app!

Niyo Global by DCB

Niyo Global is all about travelling smarter, safer and simpler!
We are revolutionising the way India travels. Enjoy a hassle-free travelling experience with your very own Niyo Global by DCB.

Download Niyo Global by DCB