My account says frozen /blocked

Hi people,
Please help
I have opened my account 1 week back and yesterday 27th September i have received my card,

I have tried using UPI and bank transfer , it says my account is blocked/frozen.

My hard earned money (110000) is stuck now

Can you please help me, i am facing the same problem, applied 1 week back got my card yesterday 27th September now i am unable to use my money…

Please help as a salaried employee i have transferred all my savings here

@Deepak Please help me

@Wasim_Al_Basha please help me .
I had opened my account last week.
Received my niyo global card yesterday and i deposited my entire savings.
I am unable to use my funds now
My account is blocked/frozen

Never happened please help

@Deepak @Wasim_Al_Basha @Manisha_Radhakrishna

Please anybody! Just week only passed i have transferred my entire savings here …im unable to use my money…it frozen/blocked that what other upi app says

This Wednesday i received my debit card

Please help I’m without money now

Hey @pra0kash! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We deeply regret the inconvenience! This has been highlighted to the bank for further investigation. We kindly request you allow us some time. Upon receiving an update from the bank, we’ll update the status of your ticket 1450357.


Hi @Deepak i have escalated to Vik angelo

Hey @pra0kash! We are closely following up with the bank on this. We kindly request you to allow us time for a day or two and we shall help you with it.


Hey @pra0kash! Our team have tried to reach out to you. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get through. Request you to please check your ticket 1450357 and share the required details at the earliest.