Deposit Blocked in my Account

Dear Niyo Global , i am facing issue regarding fund deposit in account , when i try to fund using UPI , Net Banking but every time fail , Error came every time and transaction failed or Transfer failed . i was opened ticket 2 week ago but no response from Niyo Global team please help me resolve this issue . i am using Niyo Global account on national or international level ( travel aboard ) .

Thanks , waiting for response asap .

Hey @vinod2389

Thank you for being so patient. We have investigated this with the bank and your account is in freeze, hence you are unable to perform any transactions. However, we are taking this for further investigation with the compliance team and will update you on the status.

Ranjith M

still no response yet , such a bad customer support .

Hey @Ranjith , still my issue not resolved . how much more time i need to wait

almost 2 month gone . no response not resolution , not expecting this type of service