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Discover a range of Niyo Global ZERO FOREX cards designed to cater to your international transaction needs.

  1. Niyo Global Equitas Debit Card :credit_card:
  2. Niyo Global DCB Debit Card :credit_card:
  3. Niyo Global Secured Credit Card by SBM Bank :credit_card:

:moneybag: Unlock Competitive Interest Rates:
Enjoy 0 balance savings accounts with impressive interest rates:

  • Niyo SBM Account: Up to 7.25% interest
  • Niyo Equitas Account: Up to 7.50% interest
  • Niyo DCB Account: Up to 7.25% interest

:airplane: Lounge Access and Beyond:
Experience convenience with lounge access at select international terminals within India with:

  • Niyo Global Equitas Card
  • Niyo Global Credit Card
  • Niyo Global DCB Card
  • Niyo SBM Debit Card

:gift: Rewarding Loyalty:
Earn Global Coins/Cashbacks with Niyo Global Credit Card, soon to be introduced for other cards too!

:no_entry_sign: No Hidden Charges:
Transparent banking is our promise:

  • No annual maintenance charges*
  • No card issuance charges
  • No joining fees

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                                        *There is an annual fee for the Niyo Global DCB acc. from the 2nd year onwards, which is REFUNDABLE after you meet the criteria of maintaining an Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) of more than INR 5000 for the last 4 quarters.

I am trying to get niyo global dcb Debit card as I got this option in my niyo global app but when I tried to apply it showing waitlist for me
I am attaching screenshot of error

Hey @jvishw2!

If you currently hold an account with DCB Bank or are an existing customer of Niyo DCB’s current bank account, kindly note that at this time, you won’t be able to apply for the Niyo Global DCB Savings account. However, this feature will be made available soon in the near future.

Should you not have any prior association or account with the DCB Bank and still encounter this error, I request you to send an email to global.escalation@goniyo.com. Our team will promptly investigate the matter and work towards resolving it as soon as possible. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

I was a current account customer as I had old niyo dcb card but I closed that card around 1 year ago after getting niyo sbm so this error should not be there for me
I also filed a complaint on the email id you provided here

Hey, It’s apparent that your prior relationship with DCB bank has influenced the error you’re currently facing.

As mentioned earlier, I want to emphasize that we are actively engaging with the bank to address this issue comprehensively. Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated. Please rest assured that we are committed to keeping you updated and informed every step of the way.