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Hi! Thank you for helping. Here is my question.

I have both Niyo DCB and SBM debit cards. I’ve read through a few posts here but still unclear on TCS deductions.

Say I’m in UAE and I’m using the card for my first international transaction of the year. It’s worth Rs. 5000. Then I spend another Rs. 20000 that day. Will TCS be deducted and then later refunded in my account? Or given during my stay for a week, I spend less than 7 lacs on international transactions, there won’t be any TCS charged on any transaction?

Is it the same for both the debit cards? If TCS is deducted, how much and when is it refunded?



Hi @Shivramp ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community! :raised_hands:

TCS (Tax Collected at Source) is applicable only on debit cards, not credit cards.

For Niyo DCB Debit Card:

  • TCS is deducted on every international transaction.
  • If your total international spending in a financial year does not exceed 7 lakhs, the TCS deducted will be refunded immediately.
  • If your total spending exceeds 7 lakhs, you will need to file an ITR (Income Tax Return) to get a refund for the TCS amount.

For Niyo SBM Debit Card:

  • TCS is not deducted upfront until you surpass the overall spending limit of 7 lakhs in a financial year.
  • The current transaction limit for SBM debit card is 5 lakhs.

For Niyo SBM Credit Card:

  • There is no TCS applicable, irrespective of the amount spent.

So, in your scenario, if you spend less than 7 lakhs in total during your stay in the UAE, no TCS will be charged. If you surpass 7 lakhs, TCS will be deducted accordingly.

I hope this clarifies your query!

Hi Jumain,

Thank you for the quick response. Can you pls confirm if the TCS deducted in the DCB debit card on every internationaal transaction is 5% or is it 20%? When you say it will be refunded immediately, how long does it take?


Hey @Shivramp!

Currently, TCS is deducted at 20% on every international transaction made with the Niyo DCB debit card.

Regarding the refund process, it usually happens within 24 hours, though often it’s even quicker than that.

Thank you! :slight_smile: