Does niyo x and niyo global by SBM work in GEORGIA🇬🇪?

Please confirm this because if this country is not accepted then all my efforts are waste

Hey @ChandanWadhwani! Yes, the card works in Georgia.

Okay… thanks for the reply :niyo_community:

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Sir, especially Does Niyo X by equitas bank debit card works in Georgia?
Because according to RBI guidelines Niyo Global debit card by sbm bank doesn’t works or Rbi banned international transactions on global debit card. That’s why i am asking sir for clarification.

The last transaction i made with niyo x was like 3 months ago… And yeah it did work… I made like 15 or more ATM transactions… I don’t know if anything had changed now in the past 3 months

Hey @Tejas_Mahajan! Glad you enquired.

Yes, the NiyoX/Niyo Global Equitas card works absolutely fine internationally, including in Georgia. While the Niyo Global SBM debit card is temporarily paused for international transactions, Niyo offers you multiple products that cater to international transactions with great benefits. You can choose from the Niyo Global Equitas debit card, Niyo Global DCB card, and Niyo Global secured credit card. With any of these cards, you’ll enjoy the advantage of zero forex markup on all your international transactions. Along with that, you’ll have access to a wide range of benefits designed to enhance your financial experience.

Also, don’t forget to check out this informative link: Explore Niyo - Your Gateway to More Savings to learn more about what Niyo has to offer. So, go ahead and explore our products to find the perfect fit for your international transactions.

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Thank you much sir for reply

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You are welcome, Tejas! :blush:

Sir, can you tell me if i order Niyo X physical debit card first time then what is expiry date print on debit card? Is it for one year? or Is debit card valid upto five year?

NiyoX / Niyo Global Equitas is a Visa Platinum debit card with a standard validity of 5 years. Upon expiration, you will receive a renewed physical card. However, it’s worth noting that if you choose not to order a physical card, the virtual card associated with your account will have a validity of 1 year. Hope that clarifies the doubt.

Hello Sir,
Good afternoon sir,

Previously We had applied for Niyo Global SBM bank account that time our first visa physical card by Sbm is free of charge offered by sbm bank. But, sir recently i opened new account in Niyo X account by equitas bank. But they charged 234.50 rs for their first visa physical card. Please refund our charges after card delivery. Because Niyo x is zero balance saving account, first time physical card is offered free of charge, but second time they charged amount.

Please check sir,
Thanking you.
Thanks Sir for your precious support and time.
Have a nice day sir!

yes Sir Thanks for your precious time, but Sir my virtual debit card has shown only four years of validity on Niyo X app.

Sir, can you send me the Equitas bank application form pdf file password, The application received me in my mail. The file doesn’t open, please check sir.

Hi @Tejas_Mahajan,

To address your specific concerns related to the NiyoX account/card and ensure a quick resolution, I kindly recommend reaching out to our dedicated customer support team through the in-app chat or by emailing They are readily available to assist you and address any queries or problems you might have.

Thank you, Have a great rest of your day! :slight_smile: