Opening Niyo Global Equitas/DCB account while being an existing Niyo Global SBM customer

Hello, I’m an existing customer of Niyo Global SBM account.
And as we all know, international transactions are banned by RBI.
I’ve no interest in doing FD and getting a credit card for it. I just want a debit card for my international transactions.

Can i create SBM Global Equitas/DCB accounts?
If so, can someone please guide me how to open it.

Hi Sharan,

Glad you enquired!

You can refer to this link to check out the perfect Niyo Global product that suits your needs:

You can use this link to download the Niyo Global application to your mobile device and complete the onboarding process without any hassle:

Many Thanks

Thanks for the reply. I already have Niyo Global app as I already am Niyo Global SBM bank customer.

So how do I open another Niyo Global account with Equitas or DCB?

Hi Sharan,

Thank you for expressing interest in our product. You can apply by simply clicking on the link below and start using our product once it is activated.

Niyo Global DCB:

Niyo Global Equitas: