Niyo Equitas debit card accepted in Turkey?

Hi Team,
I have niyo global debit card from Equitas bank. I want to know wheather this card is accepted in Turkey or not. As if now, in niyo global app, it is showing that this card is not accepted in Turkey.
Please clarify this as it will help me in my trip to Turkey.

Hi @Vijay_Anand1,

The Niyo Global Equitas debit card may not be accepted in Turkey. However, The Niyo Global Credit card by SBM works absolutely fine in Turkey, and you can use it for your transactions during your trip. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to help!

Hi @Zahid_Niyo
Thank you for the information. Which one should I go for for my trip to Turkey from Credit card SBM or a Debit card from DCB ? Considering that for credit card every time FD creation is required.
Thanks in advance.

Hey @vijay!

I recommend having both the Niyo Global Credit card by SBM and the Niyo Global DCB debit card. You can obtain the credit card by creating a minimum 5k FD and load funds using the “increase limit” option, eliminating the need for creating another FD. Plus, and you can withdraw the FD anytime. Carrying two cards is a great choice; in case one card encounters an issue, you’ll have a reliable backup. Both the cards offer ZERO FOREX markup, complimentary lounge access, and more benefits.

You can use the Niyo Global credit card for car rentals, hotel bookings, and more as it supports preauthorization, while the debit card is ideal for international ATM withdrawals. Additionally, both cards earn interest: the credit card accrues interest on the FD amount upto 7% pa, and the Niyo Global DCB offers up to 7.25% interest on your savings.

For more information and to make a suitable choice, check this post: Link