Cannot add ₹2000 to niyo global card

I have tried adding money using Google pay but my payments are stuck in processing.
Nothing on your app is smooth or works. I am just facing one issue after another. Can you fix this immediately

Hey @Chantal_D_Gama_Rose1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

If you are trying to add via QR code, you will be able to add up to 2000 INR in a single transaction. You may have to do multiple transactions to add the funds to your account in this payment method. If you wish to make a single transaction with a higher amount, you may try adding Niyo SBM account details as a payee to your personal bank and initiating an IMPS/NEFT transaction through mobile/internet banking.

For any help, you may reach out to our live chat support through the Niyo SBM app.


I have tried with both ₹2000 and with ₹1. Both are stuck on Google pay.
I have also tried by IMPS. And i am not able to make the payment- it says transaction code is invalid.
I cannot make the IMPS payment also. CAN YOU PLEASE ESCALATE THIS ISSUE? My ticket number is 1354214


Hey @Chantal_D_Gama_Rose1! We see that you’ve added funds to your account and were able to transfer the funds via IMPS mode. We believe there should be any problem now. If the issue still persists, you may reach out to us or live chat support through the app and we’ll have that checked.

No, I asked a friend to transfer and he was able to from his ICICI account. But from my Citibank and Axis bank account, I am not able to transfer. The payment mode is stuck in processing and then failed after few hours from Google pay. And for IMPS, the payment is not going through at all.
As I have only Citibank and Axis bank account, I need this issue to be fixed.

As we’ve checked, there are no issues with your account. We kindly request you to check with your source back and retry in a while.

I have checked with my source bank. There are no issues. It is from your side. I have tried from multiple accounts. It is not working. Please for gods sake, help me resolve this issue.

I am facing the same issue. It looks like it’s a known issue from niyo global end and the support team is still insisting that it is an issue from my source bank. This is ridiculous.

Hey @Chantal_D_Gama_Rose1! Inconvenience regretted! We’d request you to share relevant transaction screenshot/s with us and we’ll have this checked with our team and try to help you with your concern.


Can I please DM you the screenshots?

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. We are having this checked.

I am facing the same issue. Please help me

We have escalated the issue to the Bank. Rest assured, we’ll try to get back to you with an update as soon as possible. - WB

What is the update on this?

Hey @Chantal_D_Gama_Rose1! The issue has been reported and we are yet to receive an update for the same. It may take time to have this checked and fixed. We’d request you to please wait and we’ll reach out to you as soon as we receive an update on this.


I hope you understand the urgency of the situation. We are leaving the country soon. Your customer service has been absolutely abysmal. You need to work on this on priority.

Your customer service is atrocious. How can you take this long to solve such a high priority issue? Do you not understand the urgency of our situations? Every single person seems to be complaining about something or the other with your company. Nothing is functioning properly. GET IT UNDER CONTROL!

Hey Chantal! Sorry for keeping you waiting. We understand how critical it is. Our team is working on it and we are constantly following up. Unfortunately, it’s taking a longer time than expected. We’ll reach out to you as soon as we receive an update.


Has this issue been sorted ?

Yes obviously if you message me 2 whole months later. Why even bother messaging?