Bring Back "Visa Tokyo 2020" Passport Holders for Beta Customers!

do share the screenshot of them saying that

I shared in this thread they don’t even reply on that

Go and look at the top
if you saying this , then you are misleading .
That reply is for passport holder and not account closure .

Look at the top it’s two part msg why would I misleading people

The Reply is not two part , It is one reply . That is for Passport holder .
I know this because Same reply came when I asked support about passport holder .

Account Closure is very Much LIVE . You just need to send a Cancelled cheque , Reason of Closure and Proof of Identity .

I just sent them my pan and a cancelled cheque of other bank and hoping that they just close my account.

How much time it’s take to close my account.

Hey @Irshad_Ali @shikharmakkar @zantapabada ! If you’d to close your Niyo SBM savings account, we request you to kindly send a copy of your PAN Card or Aadhaar Card (As a proof of Identity) and a cancelled cheque (any Bank’s cheque would suffice) in your name along with the reason for account closure to

Rest assured, we’ll pick it up from there.


Thank you for letting out me for this pain @ashrithjain

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My Friend has Requested for Closure .
It has been more than 7 Days , No revert from SBM Bank still !?
Niyo picks up the matter well , but SBM… will they close the account ?

Dude I have flight to Germany on 23rd September suggest some best forex card @zantapabada

How do I close when my account has 5k balance which I added for ordering the card? I am unable to transfer that amount because I am unable to register for UPI!

Hey @shikharmakkar ! You can always perform Fund transfers via IMPS from Niyo SBM app,

Just try to bank transfer like Imps

Ok, thanks for the info. I was not aware of this :slight_smile:

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Fi Money is better than Niyo SBM on all accounts.
Proper forex card from your bank will also do the job , or you can use bookmyforex and take cold hard cash with you at good rates

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Thank you I will take fi money and bookmyforex as my backup card @zantapabada

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