A request to the team

Hi, I’ve been facing the CKYC match not found error and my bank says they have done the CKYC properly. Fortunately, my university has decided to keep the second semester online too which means I will stay in India for 4-5 months.
My request to the team is to bring an alternative kyc in Niyo SBM as soon as possible as I’m very much interested by the benefits you offer especially the Visa signature card. In the mean time I have opened an account in NiyoX with full kyc. I hope to hear from you soon and please let me know when the alternative method is released and if possible please give an ETA.

I request the NIYO SBM team for the same. Although I m leaving India on the 15th I really wish there was a way to be onboard on SBM although for now I created the NIYOX account.

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Hey @Snehil @ankurgiri! Your feedback has been duly noted and we’ll definitely try to bring an alternative at the earliest for Niyo Global by SBM onboarding.


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