Niyo global account freezed

My account is freezed i have already provided all the docs , it’s been 15 days but still didn’t receive any response

Hey @cashapp! We kindly request you to inbox us your registered mobile number and share the ticket number (if any) so that we can get this checked for you.


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Hi @Deepak @Bansari
I just received a call saying that it’s from niyo sbm and it’s asking me for my passport details (I didn’t provide any details). I hung up the call. is it really you or our data leaked ? Because someone time earlier @ScottishBaron also share same incident.


Hey @Irshad_Ali! Please be assured that all your details will be safe and secure with us. You might have received a call from our compliance team. The same has happened to @ScottishBaron. You need to share your passport details at


@Deepak Is it imperative to send passport details or close the account???because the in app chat team clarified that the account can be used as is and one doesn’t need to provide passport details….there are many conflicting accounts so please clarify if the account will not be frozen or deactivated in near future if passport details are not provided

@Deepak I don’t want to share my passport details.


Can you explain why should we share the passport details?

What happens if customer don’t want to share the passport details?

What is the real purpose of asking passport details of customer?

Awaiting for your swift and precise reply.

@Vinay_Bagri @Sai

@neotracker @ScottishBaron i too received a call in late november to share my passport details. I was asked to send it to I confirmed it directly with SBM and it’s a genuine call as this SBM account from Niyo offers zero forex charges so SBM is offering it to people who plan to go outside the country.

Hi All,

If you have received a call from the Niyo Compliance team and asked to submit the Passport & Visa copy, it is required to send them to In case, if you do not submit, your account will be marked as Credit Freeze by the SBM Bank. As confirmed by @iamadityamalik, it is being asked as per the SBM Bank’s request to keep your account active in the future

Here, the reason might be because of high ATM withdrawals, or high domestic transactions, or high UPI transactions. Hope this helps. @ScottishBaron @Irshad_Ali @neotracker


@Deepak I don’t use this card much and neither I registered it to UPI and never used for atm withdrawal.

@Irshad_Ali We kindly request you to Message us your registered mobile number and we’ll get this checked with our team.

@Deepak I sent you my contact details on massage but no one call me yet

Hey @Irshad_Ali! We kindly request you to allow us some time. We’ve asked our team to help us with the reason for asking you to share the passport copy. On receiving an update for the same, we’ll connect with you personally.


@Deepak no one contacted me and no one telling me why this happened. I thik this community page is a just propoganda of niyo.

Hey @Irshad_Ali! As per the latest SBM Bank’s policy, it has made passport is mandatory to complete the onboarding procedure for Niyo Global by SBM. Therefore, our compliance team has reached out to most of the users and requested to share the passport at so that we can furnish it to the bank on demand. In case, if our team hasn’t reached out to you again, you can keep using your account for your personal transactions. For further assistance, reach out to our in-app Live Chat support.