Bring Back "Visa Tokyo 2020" Passport Holders for Beta Customers!

Yes, thanks for making this clear.
Anyway, not going to beat around the bush.
I checked the app and see this. What canceled cheque is needed? I don’t have a chequebook

@Rajat_Prajapati You started this on 23rd July and acquired 5k customers in 1 month as you said before in one of your posts. That makes it last week of July and first 3 weeks August.
You also mentioned that you increased the limit from 3k to 5k few days before 10th September. When exactly?
I ordered my card on 4th September but still didn’t receive it while according to the timeline of events, I should. What an irony!
Also, these timeline of events and what you said contradict each other.

Hey @shikharmakkar ! We would be requiring a cancelled cheque from you in order for us to verify that the account holder himself is raising a request for account closure.

Any bank cheque would suffice?

adding to what @ashrithjain said
@shikharmakkar : In case an interest payment by the SBM needs to be done for the funds parked in the SBM account, it would be done in the bank account for which you provide the cancelled cheque.

@Rajat_Prajapati Kindly reply about my query above :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @shikharmakkar ! Yes, any bank’s cancelled cheque is okay. Please note that your name should be visible on the cheque.

Why you don’t reply to my comments did I exposed you…,?

Just approved my comments

I tryed to mail so called customer service of niyo the reply this is not available now !


Needed approval of your

@Irshad_Ali you will get your solution kindly don’t spam

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They didn’t provide any solution read thread once top to bottom @Sachin Sachin

@Sachin : Sorry we couldn’t serve you this time. We are working on an alternative with an ETA of 1.5 Months.
Hopefully by the time we onboard you, you would love our customer service

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Sure @Rajat_Prajapati, That was just positive feedback from my end, hope Niyo reaches Great heights in Future.



That’s not the solution we provided you enough evidence that we ordered card way before your 10 September date

You don’t solved any problem and Marked this as solved what a shameful solution @Rajat_Prajapati

It would be good if you can help with this so that the topic is closed not just for the sake of closing it. You can’t leave this thing midway.
Also, as highlighted by @Irshad_Ali, the account closure thing is not enabled as of now. What you have to say about that?

Bro , From Late August they are not giving Passport Holders . (Me and my friend applied on 30th Aug and 1st Sep and didnt get it) As Till then their 5000 Quota was over . So , Kindly Request you to Understand and not create unnecessary rukkus .
If they dont wanna provide , we shouldnt force them to . Simple
You can close the account , just like I’m doing


Yep bro I’m trying to close my account for 3days but says it’s not available yet @zantapabada