Experience Niyo Global in its BRAND NEW Avatar ✨

Hello everyone,

As our privileged Niyo Global user, we have a surprise for you. You get early access to experience something that will change the way you bank and make travel more fun. We are inviting you to take a look at our new Niyo Global app and welcome any feedback you may have.

We’re ecstatic with the overwhelming response Niyo Global SBM has received from you all since its launch. Niyo Global’s signature zero forex markup feature has collectively saved you all a ton on your international payments and not to mention the rest of the perks it comes with.

We’re taking Niyo Global to the :arrow_up_small: NEXT LEVEL — A BRAND NEW Niyo Global app with a lot more features and benefits for a wholesome banking experience and would like you to get your hand on it before everyone else!

How is the NEW Niyo Global app BETTER, you ask?

It has everything you have loved about Niyo Global so far and much more:

  • Dark Mode—the much-awaited feature is finally here!
  • Fresh & Modern Interface—redesigned for an enhanced user experience so you can get things done in a jiffy
  • Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Tracking in-app with just your mobile number and OTP
  • Buy, Sell, Track Mutual Funds, Import existing portfolio.

More features coming soon
Credit Card, International Remittances, Travel Loans, Loyalty Rewards and Wealth Management are in the works and will be released gradually.

We know you may have questions about your old account now that we have made a new app. Don’t worry, we have answers ready for the questions you may ask us. Here you go

  1. Am I going to be creating a new savings account in the new App?

No, you won’t be required to create another savings account. You will be able to access your existing savings account from the new app.

  1. Do I need any documents to get started with the new App?

No, just download the new app, set your passcode, and you can start using it!

  1. Can I delete this app after migrating to the new app?

We recommend keeping this app active until you are comfortable with the new app. We will let you know when it’s time to delete the old app.

We’re waiting for you on the NEW Niyo Global!

[Download NEW Niyo Global App Now]

We’re all ears—tell us what you like about it and any other features that you think will make your experience awesome.

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Team Niyo

Tried onboarding. email verification hit a roadblock. Google said that it has blocked the app as it was trying to access the sensitive information. Now if I do it again, it says app is blocked.
If I feedin the email address, the niyo app says that invalid email.

What is the resolution?

Just logged in. Nice fluid UX. Hope to see fine tuning soon and carrying over some features to NiyoX as well


Hello @Charu_Chaturvedi , thanks for sharing the feedback.

We are checking the error which you are getting while entering the emailID.

Thanks @debosmit for the feedback.
We have already ported few features of NiyoX like EPF and wealth. Please try them and share your feedback.

Using before your post … UI is fluid but need speed optimization little but …animation sometimes slow down the process.
During figma test , I was first experience and It seemed just wow .

Every update unlocks some upcoming features, carry on … waiting for fd and credit card


Hey @Biswajit_Das! Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback.

We’re constantly striving to improve further and we’ll work on your suggestions to ensure optimum experience.

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Hello @Charu_Chaturvedi , can you please re-install the app and try again.

Yes, thanks.
It didn’t even ask for mail and installed.
Working fine.

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Tried logging into community from the App.
Google has security concern about the app.
Screenshots attached

Thanks for sharing the valuable feedbacks, this is definitely helping us improve our product. Let us review the community issue and get back to you.

Meanwhile, if i can take the liberty of asking feedback on other features as well - transactions/Cards/Fund Transfer. Please do explore our new products as well - Wealth/EPF.

@Viren Sir , @Ashish_Tewari

Feedback for new NIYO global app (Early access )

YOU’VE made a wonderful UI ,but I’m figuring out somw area where you need to work on .

  1. First try to reduce loading time of saving balance , MF balance is Showing just after opening but saving balance takes 2 to 3 sec.Try to fix it

  2. Add option to add profile photo or autofetch with gmail ,I mean add option to customize

  3. I just love the feature when we select for sub menu like autopay ,
    make background gaussian blur when we select any sub menu

I’ll update If I find more userfriendly ways


Hi @Biswajit_Das, thanks a lot for sharing your feedback.

To offer the best experience, we’ll take into consideration your suggestions as we’re always looking to improve. Thank you!

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Permanant issue of niyo sbm old app and new app is that many times it take long time to update balance in savings account
This issue still same and i don’t think this issue will be solved


Hey @jvishw2! Thank you for sharing your feedback.

We assure you that we are constantly working with the Bank & this should be fixed permanently in the coming days. Thanks again for your continued support. LK

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how to change my mobile number

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Hey @ANIRBANDAS! Welcome to Niyo Community! We do not have the facility to change the mobile number.


You are the CTO, my account with sbm is frozen since last 7 days… trying to connect each and every one Niyo sbm through email customer care live chat but there is no solution

Can you do something

Complaint no 1460315