Trouble adding funds and setting UPI pin

I’ve been trying for a while to add funds on my SBM account via IMPS from my Bandhan Bank account but somehow it seems to fail and show this message

Also I’ve been trying to set my UPI pin on BHIM & paytm app but it seems that the OTP never reaches my registered phone number so I have abandon the process of going ahead

Hence It’d be helpful to know the solution to this situation

Have you completed full kyc? And how long its been since you opned account

Hey @ScottishBaron . From the screenshot that you’ve shared, we understand that there is an issue from Bandhan Bank’s side for fund transfer.

Hey @ScottishBaron . Let me help you out here!

Here’s how you can set UPI ID for your Niyo Global by SBM:

First, you’ll need to setup your Debit Card PIN, here’s how to set it:

  1. Log in to your Niyo Global by SBM app

  2. Click on ‘Card Settings’

  3. Click on ‘Reset ATM PIN’

  4. Verify your details to reset your PIN

Now, let’s headover to create UPI ID for your Niyo Global account, here’s how to do that:

What you’ll need:

  1. A third-party UPI app

  2. The last 6 digits, and the expiration date of your card

  3. Debit Card ATM Pin


  1. Open your 3rd party UPI app (PhonePe, GPay, etc.)

  2. Navigate to ‘Add Bank Account’ (This flow may differ from app to app).

  3. Select SBM Bank India Ltd. as your bank account.

  4. Follow the steps given by the app.

  5. Voila! Your UPI ID is all setup to use for your Niyo Global SBM account.

If you still face issues, reach out to us and we’ll help you out!



I’ve completed kyc and it’s been 2 days since I’ve opened my account

Reset PIN option is not available :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey @ScottishBaron . It looks like you’ve not yet ordered Niyo Global VISA Signature “Tap & Pay” debit card. Could you please order the card after depositing initial deposit of ₹5,000 from another Bank account using IMPS transfer?

Hey @ashrithjain I want to ask

Is it mandatory to maintain 5000 after ordering the card or I can transfer it to my another account.

Hey @Akaanshdeep_Singh . Stay noted that the account is Zero Balance Account. But I’d recommend you to keep the funds as you’ll be earning industry’s best 5% (*) p.a

Hi even I am facing the same issue please help

Unable to add UPI in 3rd party application. I have already rrset the upi pin and also ordered the visa signature debit card. Please help.

Hi All,

Currently, the “reset ATM PIN option” only appears after you order physical card and hence UPI PIN be set ONLY after you order physical card.

Our team is working to make that option available as soon as the account is opened. We will get back once that is done.

Thanks for your patience.


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It’s showing in the app to reset pin. As you can see from the screenshot.

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Thanks, have updated my response. Regards

But still unable to link the SBM bank account with upi application. It is saying that ‘no account is linked with this mobile number’ . Help is very much appreciated.

Unable to add account in UPI application. Getting this error.

Mine is recommending to wait for the delivery of the physical card before setting/resetting pin.what should I do now?

Hey @harshal_jaiswal ! Kindly update the app from your devices store and try to set the UPI Pin, it should ideally work. Let me know if you face any hiccups. We’ll help you out!

yes I have already updated the app. But in UPI id creation after entering card details there it ask for ATM pin which I have not setted as this message appears

Go ahead and set your ATM pin and then your upi pin. It wont create any issue.

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