Wrong card received and my card has not delivered

I received wrong niyo global debit card insted of my card. I’m complaining from the the last 29th July but did not get proper response from your side about the same. Still now I did not get the update of my Card delivery. No one has replied my last mail also.
I’m surprised that my complain ticket is always in progress status for long time, and no one is replying.

When I came to live chat 2 days ago early morning then someone assured me to solve the problem on chat that’s all only. But I did not get any further update after that. Even now I can’t reach to them on live chat. Only bot message saying to create another ticket.

I was waiting thinking that some one will come and receive the wrong card for return, but it did not happened, also I did not get any update of my card delivery for the last 5 days from my first complain.

Now I can’t put my card details on denger so I have blocked my card due to it may be delivered to some other person and my card’s secret details has been exposed I doubt. I can say this because some other person’s card has arrived to my address already. Both address must be mismatched.

Now I can’t put my card details on denger so I reordered again and I had to pay charges (Rs. 293.82)for reissuing the card.

It’s mistake by your company, not mine. So please refund my money and send my new card to my address ASAP either I have to travel without card.

Hey @You_Foto_Digital! Welcome to the Niyo Community!

We understand how concerning this could be. We will certainly escalate this to the Bank to understand the discrepancy. Meanwhile, we have requested the images of the physical card that you received at your end via DM. Kindly share that so that we can investigate this thoroughly.

As far as the refund for the new card is concerned, please rest absolutely assured. Blocking the card & re-ordering a new one was the absolutely right thing to do. Allow us to get back to you on this shortly. LK


Thank you for your valuable time on the call. I certainly believe I was able to add value to your time in addressing your concern. Reach out to us any moment you need assistance. I’d be much obliged to offer you the needed support.

Ranjith M

I have shared the picture of the card I received. Kindly arrange a pick up of that wrong item from my address.

Thanks for your reply