Niyo Card Delivery Delayed | No Response From Niyo Global and "Delhivery" Delivery Partner

It’s been almost 12 days since I have been waiting for my card to be delivered. My shipment has already reached the city Saharanpur on 8th of July. Delhivery your delivery partner is not able to deliver my card as no delivery agent from their side contacted me for the delivery. My card is stuck in In-transit from their side and they are not even cancelling it from their end if they are not able to deliver it. Also I have no clue what is the reason behind they are not able to deliver the card.

I have raised multiple complaints/threads with them but there is no update on them from their end. I have no clue why they are not able to deliver my card. I have asked them the reason for not being able to deliver it and I have no replies from them. They change my delivery date to the current day’s date but nothing is happening.

I have been connected one of your Agent names “Ibrahim Sharieff” on an email thread, he also didn’t able to resolve this issue as he just replied to me to wait for the delivery on 18th of July as it was showing on Delhivery tracking status and I waited for 3 days and the card is still not delivered and as I mentioned Delhivery team changes the date to be delivered daily to current day’s date automatically and they are not able to deliver the card.

And today when I again raised issue in the same thread with the delivery concern. Your same agent “Ibrahim” has again copy pasted the same response and he just closed the ticket without even resolving it.

Escalating this as the estimated delivery is also crossed as per the Niyo Global App. Please ask your delivery partner to cancel the shipment and send the card back to the bank. So that I can place another order with Niyo Global.

This is quite urgent for me now. I need urgent resolution on this issue from your end as Delhivery is not able to resolve this issue.

Hey @Anul_Khadija ! We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. This is certainly not the experience we want you to have with us. Please NOTE : We have escalated the issue to the Delivery team and we’re following up for an update. Rest assured, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Kindly bear with us! -WB

Hi @Wasim_Al_Basha , I have escalated it multiple times on multiple threads. Please resolve this as soon as possible as I have my travel planned in August 2022.

Kindly share Delhivery partner address or contact number of Saharanpur city if possible so that I can coordinate with them if they are facing any issues in finding the address or whatever the issue they are facing in delivering my shipment.


Hello @Anul_Khadija ! We certainly understand the urgency. We have flagged with the delivery team and will update as soon as we hear back from them.-WB

Hi @Wasim_Al_Basha ,

I had a word with Delhivery your delivery partner and the address which I have given to Niyo Global while ordering the physical card is not communicated them fully/clearly as the address in Delhivery system is not mentioned properly with landmark and area.

Please see these screenshots :
This is the address mentioned in Delhivery system :

And this is the address mentioned in Niyo Global App :

If you compare both then Landmark details : Ek Minar Masjid, Pul Dholikhal is not mentioned in the address for Delhivery Team. And may be this is the reason they are not even attempting to deliver my Card as they are not clearly understanding my address.

They again have changed the status of my Card as rescheduled today and no delivery agent has contacted me yet. Either they should contact me on my registered mobile number or they should cancel the shipment in that case but they are not doing anything and my card is stuck in In-transit. Please look into this issue and do the needful as soon as possible.

Please cancel the shipment from your end if you are not able to provide them the correct address now. So that I can place new card order with you guys on my Delhi address.

Also if you have option where I can come to your bank/office address if any in Delhi NCR. Just let me know. I will prefer that option instead of ordering the card again and waiting for non ending time for the card to be delivered by your delivery partner.

Anul Khadija

Hello @Anul_Khadija ! Thank you so much for your valuable time on call. As discussed, we’re following up with the delivery team. Please provide us with some more time so that we can get back to you with an update. -WB

Hi @Wasim_Al_Basha ,

Thank you for helping me out for my Card’s delivery. I have collected my Physical Niyo Global Card successfully at 3:00 PM today from “Delhivery” delivery person named “Sushil” from their office.

Delivery agent was not attempting to deliver the card as he told me that he was facing issues in reaching to my address/area because of some roads are blocked by Police officials as its the way for “Kawad Yatra”.

You escalated it on your end and then only they called me up today. He didn’t come to my address to deliver the card. But he asked me to come to his office to collect it. So my Father had to go to their office to collect my Card.

Thank you so much for helping out here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks and Regards
Anul Khadija

Hello @Anul_Khadija ! We’re delighted to know that you’ve received the debit card. We apologize once again for the time it took and thank you for your patience & understanding throughout. Please reach out to our Live chat support by navigating through the Menu->Support section in the Niyo SBM app if we can ever assist in the future. -WB