Worst Experience with Niyo Global - Refrain from using

I have the worst experience with Niyo Global. Even after 121 emails with the customer service team they have not been able to provide a solution and keep asking for new stuff to update a damn mobile number.

First email, the representative asked to send an SBM authorisation, Aadhar Card with Updated number and cKyc number.

It was sent. Second email they said verify the signature on the Aadhar card, it was done, Third email I told them of you want to verify my identity maybe you can deploy UIDAI verification system as it will be easier for both so Manish told me that UIDAI is “not authorised” to identify identity which is the stupidest answer expected because UIDAI is the only official government body to verify the aadhar thru the registered mobile number in India, so maybe Niyo employees got their aadhar verified in Mauritius.

Now in the latest email they want the CKYC to have my same updated number so my dear niyo team, the government of India has not made It mandatory to use the same number on the aadhar everywhere, and forcing a customer to update is not done specially when the document was provided thru the primary bank and all information was cleared mentioned and attached.

It is surprising that your reps choose to argue over stuff that they are not aware of themselves. Even if anyone has to update their number on to CERSAI I hope you know the customer will have to re do his full KYC and it will take 45 days as per policy, then how the hell do you know expect the customer to get it done overnight.???

Your reps promised a Supervisor call that never happened but they continue to share emails, “we are waiting for an update” every day.

Your reps have also been informed in all 121 emails that I am a end stage Cancer patient and I have restricted movement, still you guys are hell bent on harassment. You have pissed me off so much that if I receive one more email from you guys before the promised supe call, I will drag you to a consumer court and rip you guys apart and forget that Vinay Bagri is a friend.

It is ironic that you guys choose to harass me regards to number update everyday but you choose not to respond to my money that’s stuck with DCB Bank because you guys cancelled your relationship with them and failed to inform the customers.

Everyone reading this message, DONT USE NIYO. I am sure there are better alternatives available.

Hey Rohit!

Welcome to the Niyo Community! :raised_hands:

We understand this has been a lengthy process, and we deeply regret the inconvenience it has caused.

We want to assure you that the additional information requested by the support team over ticket number #2325629 is not to create unnecessary hurdles but to comply with SBM Bank’s security policies. These policies are crucial for safeguarding your account and preventing unauthorized access.

Also, I get your point regarding the CKYC number not necessarily reflecting the updated mobile number. However, SBM Bank has specific requirements for account verification that we must adhere to.

To further expedite your concerns, you may also contact SBM Bank directly at 18001033817 or via email at customercare@sbmbank.co.in for detailed information on their banking policies and procedures.

We value your feedback and will use it to improve our services and processes. Please feel free to reach out to us with any further questions or concerns. We are here to assist you and ensure that your issues are resolved promptly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hi Zahid,

Buddy have you ever heard of “anyone trying unauthorised access” on any account paying outstanding s???

Cmon be practical. Because of your reps not helping me out with a payment link to payout the outstanding post my accident I paid up atleast 2k more in penalties with one rep sharing a non working Mobiqwik link, the second rep telling me that it can’t be paid because the card is “surrendered” and third rep sharing a Bill desk link which worked eventually and the fourth rep telling me in writing that there is no outstanding.

However despite your reps confirmation of no outstanding I still paid outstanding of 241 on my latest SBM bill day before.

Moreover SBM confirmed the card is NOT SURRENDERED as informed by Niyo and good for use. Now tell me who do I believe???

You are replying to my message after 10 days and still Niyo has not returned the Supe call as they promised 25 days earlier and then you want me to understand policy.

And you totally ignored my question regards to my DCB Niyo Card where my money is stuck because DcB said they ended the relationship with your bank. Atleast have the courtesy to share an insight on how to get it released.

Appreciate a solution and not complicate further. Thanks