Niyo global account creation problem

I’m trying to create account with niyo global but all the time is just showing , we can’t create account for you , because you don’t have any ckyc entry, but i have ckyc entry and also i mailed to support team and they are giving like really really weird excuse😶,
They saying you have two ckyc entry so our system for confused which one to pick up, so we can’t change something in our system manually , so we are sorry we can’t create your account.

Is it even my problem???

Hey @Ravi3! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As per the records, our system has fetched and detected that you’ve completed OTP-Based e-KYC & KYC year is 2019. For Niyo SBM, the KYC type should be Normal. Due to this reason, we couldn’t onboard you for Niyo SBM.

Here, you may have to contact your service provider (possibly your bank) where OTP-Based e-KYC has been done and needs to be updated to Normal KYC. Thereafter, you should be able to complete the onboarding formalities for Niyo Global by SBM.


I have a normal ckyc as you can see in the screenshot, there’s not any otp based kyc entry

Please check out this

Hi @Ravi3 , our system has fetched and recognized that you have completed OTP-Based e-KYC and that your KYC year is 2019. The KYC type for Niyo SBM should be Normal. We were unable to onboard you for Niyo SBM because of this.

You may need to contact your service provider (perhaps your bank) to request that your OTP-Based e-KYC be upgraded to Normal KYC. After that, you should be able to finish the Niyo Global by SBM onboarding process. Thank You!

Oh like really? I don’t have any contact with bank anymore , so its not our fault that your system fetching wrong details, you should really fix your system, i was really waiting for niyo global since it was in launching phase, first it was showing you don’t have a good cried Judit history so we are not able to create a account for you, but now this shit :smiling_face_with_tear:

And as you can see i have normal ckyc entry in centerl kyc registry

Okie listen guide me
Like i was opening a saving account with axis Bank through online process okie! And that account didn’t open completely it was stucked in mid way, so what should i do now

Hey @Ravi3! We are sorry about this. Wish we could’ve definitely helped you here. You may have to contact Axis bank customer support or visit any nearest Axis bank branch to raise this concern and the team will help you with it.

Okey so that ckyc issue was resolved i guess and then in the next step it was asking me to enter passport file number and i entered my number then i clicked for the next step and at the end it was showing your name does not match in aadhar and passport, like really?
My name is just completely in both documents

Please check it out for me and i think after that i can open enjoy niyo global services
Hope you guys can help me

Hey @Ravi3! We kindly request you to inbox us or write to us at from your registered email and share a photo copy of your passport and Aadhaar and we’ll have our team to have this checked.

I already snet a mail but no one is responding

@Ravi3 we couldn’t find the details. Can you please send them to us through a personal message? We’ll have that checked from our end.


Sure I’ll send you in personal message, tell me what details you need

@Ravi3 I have sent you a message. You may check and reply.


Im really really sorry may be im not enough smart to check message in community page ,idk where to find your message, i didn’t see sny message,hope you can tell me how to find messages

Niyo global is worst bro same problem for me also and no proper response from them and suggestions for niyoX . Shit im also facing same issue