What is AWB number for ecomm express verification

Hello I schedule my full kyc date. For verification required AWB no how to find this number I have not received any SMS regarding this.

You won’t get any AWB No. for KYC/reschedule of KYC bcz they are not delivering anything or picking up from you.
You can contact Ecom Express helpline 8376888888 from your registered mobile No. of NiyoX.
And tell them about your KYC. They will resolve the issue.

And if u contact ECOM they will ask u about the AWB no .If not how they will know about the KYC schedule!! And yes the AWB no exists for KYC also i know because my friend works at ECOM he showed me my AWB no while doing my KYC but we won’t get that by text from ECOM. May he NEOX support team can give you that AWB no.

Hey @ashutosh, the AWB number is just a serial number generated for your biometric verification. If you happen to call ECOM team, you can use your registered number to track the progress. And for any issues, you can always reach our 24/7 support team from the app. Go to Menu> Support> Need Help? and raise a ticket. A respresentaive will be available to assist you. SR

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