Hello, I hope you can understand what I am trying to say. I know the pandemic is making hard, but please understand the issue. At First appointment was scheduled, the executive called me and said he is about to come. But failed.

Day 2, agent arrived, did collect the fingerprint (only thumb). That’s it.

He said it’s DONE.

but later that day, again I received a message saying that 'KYC HAS NOT BEEN DONE’:roll_eyes:. (Does the agent even know how to do the KYC verification?)ok again rescheduled The appointment for the next day.

Day 3,Agent made a FAK.E remark even before he could contact me. :roll_eyes:

I know the pandemic is making it hard.

But here the ECOM EXPRESS AGENTS ARE MISUSING IT. Even though they are moving around the city delivering packages.
But total negligence when it comes to KYC process. HORRIBLE.

Atleast they should have shared a way to call back the agent so that one could ask the reason for this.
No way you can call them back.
All you have to do is wait until they call you.

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