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Should niyo change their kyc partner?

They should change the kyc agent

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Hello @7nDevil and @Nitesh_Tripathi ,

We are assuming you didn’t have a great experience with your KYC Verification. Really sorry that you faced this issue.
Firstly, can you please raise a ticket via our mobile app to ensure that we track it and get it done. This is to ensure that we have your details without asking them on a public platform like our community.

Coming to your suggestion, I would take it up with the internal team and will look towards the feasibility of implementing it.
Meantime, I would like to share that we are working with our Partner ECOM Express to iron out the delay. This delay was mainly caused due to the current pandemic situation, the curfews and the lockdowns that are in place in various cities across India.
We target to improve the performance as different state authorities start unlocking the lockdowns and allowing operations.

We sincerely request you all to please bear with us during these difficult times. While we’re doing our best to streamline things with our partner, support from our customers will help us stay motivated to serve you better in the coming days.


I’m not saying anything to delay of ecom’s kyc. Ecom service is available in my area but the problem is ecom’s server. The agent came to my house for 3 days and could not complete my kyc . After taking the fingerprint in the biometric machine, it is going to be processing or don’t taking the fingerprint. I also tried with another biometric machine but same problem.Many people in our area have faced such problems.

It’s not about the delay but the ability to not know the address properly and how the addhar address is actually known. When there is town mentioned in the address and there is clearly a 2 pincode mentioned how can you registered a ecom agent to go different place when you know that the town is not there actually. And then the NiyoX chat agent has the audacity to tell cancel the account if you can’t do the KYC.

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Hey @7nDevil, can you share your Pincode? I will take it up with the KYC partner to check where are they lagging with the Biometric Devices.
This will help to solve the issue you have mentioned.

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@Nitesh_Tripathi got it, I understand your problem.
I am assuming the last time you made this schedule of KYC a couple of days back. We have fixed the issue and it shouldn’t be an issue now. Please make sure that you are on the latest version of app. Once updated, go ahead and reschedule the visit.

Yeah of course , my pincode is 743247 . l scheduled my kyc for tomorrow , let’s see what happens . Bt i think the problem isn’t in biometric device .

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