KYC Verification Issue

KYC Verification was scheduled today, but neither the agent called nor he visited for the KYC. On top of that, Ecom Express is sending SMS that We tried but could not complete the KYC. Irony is that no one called and when I tried to contact them it’s either busy or they are picking the call but no one is answering from the other side. (1 and half hour wasted in this shit). Now going through all the KYC Verification issues in the community, it’s clear that I am not the first one facing this problem. So my questions are:

  1. If it’s not possible for the logistics company to
    Complete their job then why are they confirming
    the KYC visit in the first place when they know
    they have no one to send for the visit.

  2. KYC is just the second step after creating the
    Account, then why Niyo is showing leniency in
    KYC Verification. This may be the indication of
    What kind of service will be offered in the future.

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