Unable to login into Niyo app for applying card. Saying OOps there was an error

Hi Team,

I want a forex card but unable to login into app. It says there was an error.

Hey @Varun_Agarwal! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! It might be due to some connectivity issues. We see that you were able to log in to the app now. For further help, reach out to our live chat support through the Niyo Global app.


Hey Deepak. Thanks for looking into this. The problem is I am able to login using Samsung Phone. But I use Redmi Note 9 as my primary number but still I am facing concerns with that phone during login.
Also I am looking for some forex card. Does Niyo provides that? what are its features? What are different charges. Can some one explain from your team. Eveyone is saying go to NiyoGlobal app and nothing is there on that app seriously. Sometimes login. Even after login the app says dispatch card but which card and all only God knows. Requesting to help

Hey there!
I am facing the same issue and i do not see any live support option in the app, it just has ‘Enter Phone Number’ and Otp page. rest everything is inaccesible.
kindly provide some guidance asap I need this card urgently