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:bust_in_silhouette: Name: What’s your name?

:briefcase: Profession: What do you do?

:city_sunset: City: Where are you from?

:earth_africa: Countries Traveled: How many countries have you been to?

:tada: Fun Fact: Share something unique about yourself that’s not easily found online.

:telephone_receiver: Reach Out for: What you can help others with? Whether it’s video editing, writing, visa advice, or travel resources.

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Risk management head from Bangalore
Traveled 2 countries UAE and Thailand
Keep track of my own activities through tools and fond of collecting unique gadgets
Budget trips, off beat places, unique experience on different destinations


:bust_in_silhouette: Name: Akshay Mittal

:briefcase: Profession: Software Engineer

:city_sunset: City: Dehradun

:earth_africa: Countries Traveled: 11

:tada: Fun Fact: I plan extensively before travel that allows me to do more in less time.

:telephone_receiver: Reach Out for: Budget trips, travels hacks, deals & offers, etc.


My name is Cynthia Fernandes


I am 65 years young. I mother and a grandmother and a mother to many others. I am a social activist and a social
Influencer. Have lived I dubai for 30 odd years and still go there every year to visit my children and grandchildren and friends.


I am from Belgaum Goa Mumbai Dubai in this order.

  1. Srilanka.
    Holy Land pilgrimage three times.
    Many more

:bust_in_silhouette: Name: Anurag Singh

:briefcase: Profession: Student

:city_sunset: City: Ludhiana

:earth_africa: Countries Traveled: 10

:tada: Fun Fact: I care about people much, even if it’s not my business. I love to follow up with them until we reach a positive result. Making connections and helping others is my travel mission. In fact, whenever I use the Delhi Metro, I dedicate 15 to 20 minutes to assist fellow travellers with their destinations and routes. It’s my way of spreading kindness one journey at a time!

:telephone_receiver: Reach Out for: Anything related to travel – I’m always ready to research and find the best possible solution.


:bust_in_silhouette: Name: Mohhammed W S A K. Just call me “Nawab” My dear one’s does.

:briefcase: Profession: What do you do? I am currently working with Indian railways. I was assistant professor in degree colg earlier.

:city_sunset: City: Where are you from? Mumbai

:earth_africa: Countries Traveled: How many countries have you been to? 07

:tada: Fun Fact: I look strict to my students and fellow mates but in real life I am lenient and easy going.

:telephone_receiver: Reach Out for: What you can help others with? I would love to help anyone regarding travel advise in India (Covered almost 22 states) and South East Asian countries. Tips and tricks, travel hacks, Itinerary etc. Just ping me and Voila you got it!!


Hey all… :wave::smiley:

:bust_in_silhouette:Name: Aaditya Chandra Prasanth

:briefcase:Your Profession: Master’s Student (University College Birmingham, UK)

:city_sunset:Your City: Haripad, Alleppey, Kerala

:earth_africa:Countries Traveled: UAE, Qatar, Thailand, Japan, United States, Germany, Denmark, UK, (Turkey Next Month)

All these countries except UAE was travelled solo at the age between 17 to 21! :sweat_smile: Currently in UK doing my Masters in International Hospitality Management.

:tada:Fun Fact: I was a national sensation back in 2017. I love riding bikes! And I love spotting flights!

:telephone_receiver:Reach Out for: Any doubts related to bike travelling and airlines!


Name: Alphin S R
Profession: I’m a student as well as a YouTuber.
City: I’m from Kochi, Kerala
Countries travelled: Dubai
Fun fact about me: My parents don’t know I travelled Dubai alone at the age of 19. I told them I’m going with a group :sweat_smile:
Reach out for: Any help in planning a trip to Dubai.


Name: Ankit Hassanandani

Profession: Self-Employed

Hello there, I’m Ankit Hassanandani, and I wear many hats as a self-employed entrepreneur. I proudly oversee three successful companies, one of which is the renowned “Travel with Ankit.” However, before the pandemic swept across the globe, I was also known as a dedicated travel blogger and a content creator on my YouTube channel, where I shared my adventures with fellow travel enthusiasts.

City: Mumbai

I call the bustling metropolis of Mumbai my home. The city’s vibrant energy and diverse culture have shaped me into the traveler and entrepreneur I am today.

Countries Traveled: 24 and Counting

My wanderlust has taken me to 24 countries and counting. I’ve explored the majority of South East Asia, delved into the heart of the Middle East, ventured to Uganda in Africa, and even discovered the beauty of Israel and China. Currently, I’m eagerly awaiting my upcoming journey to the USA, thanks to a valid visa in hand.

Fun Fact: A Passionate and Fun-Loving Traveler

I am more than just a traveler; I’m a passionate explorer who lives for the thrill of the unknown. My travel style is as versatile as the destinations I visit. Sometimes I opt for a backpacking adventure, seeking the raw and unfiltered experiences, while at other times, I indulge in luxury to treat myself.

When I’m abroad, I make it a point to immerse myself fully in the culture and the essence of the place. Most days during my trips, I find it hard to sit still, constantly driven to explore more. I have an unwavering love for local cuisine and make it a point to savor authentic dishes. To truly understand a destination, I rely on public transportation, and I take the time to meet and learn from locals, embracing their culture and lifestyle.

Reach Out for Travel Expertise

If you’re seeking travel tips, assistance with travel planning, or valuable advice for international journeys, you’re in the right place. I’m here to provide guidance and support to ensure your travels are unforgettable and budget-friendly. I believe that traveling is not just about seeing new places; it’s about gaining a deeper understanding of the world and the people who inhabit it. Let’s embark on this adventure together.


Welcome to the Niyo Global Community @Dcrag19! :handshake:

Excited to have you here. Ready for unique experiences and great conversations! :airplane::earth_africa:

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Welcome to the Niyo Global Community, @aky.mtl! :airplane:

Your travel expertise and budget savvy make you a fantastic addition. :raised_hands: :blush:

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Welcome, @Cynthia! :star2: Excited to have a vibrant soul like you in our community. Let’s share, connect, and make great memories together! :blush:

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:star2: Welcome to the Niyo Community @anuragalive! :blush:

Your passion for connecting and helping others is a bright light in our community.:handshake:

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Welcome to the Niyo Global Community, Nawab! :bouquet:

Delighted to have you here. Your experiences and travel wisdom are sure to add a unique flavor to our community. :blush:

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:wave: Welcome to the Niyo Global Community, @junioressarpee! :earth_africa:

Happy to have you here. Your solo travels and passion for bikes and flights add a unique flair. Feel free to share your experiences and connect with fellow enthusiasts! :motorcycle::airplane::blush:

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Hey @Alphin :wave: Welcome to the Niyo Global Community! :star2:

Delighted to have you here. Feel free to dive into the community and share your experiences. :blush::sparkles:

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