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To inspire and unite travel enthusiasts within our community by sharing captivating travel stories and experiences. 🌄🌴

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Each story is a goldmine of insights to enrich your own journeys. Through a diverse range of narratives, our goal is to ignite connections and cultivate friendships among our fellow travelers. 📖🌏

Last but not least, our vision is straightforward.

We aim to create an environment where inspiration and growth flourish.🌱🚀These connections are the heart of your travel journey!

Meet Raghav, - The Adventurous Wanderer 🌍

Hailing from Bangalore. Travelling and exploring places with a passion for adventure.

Biking as a passion

Biking is my ultimate adventure. Over almost a decade, I've ridden over 3 and a half lakh kilometers, exploring the vast landscapes across India.

From group trips to flying solo, I’ve done it all. 90% of my trips are about venturing off the beaten path. Those hidden gems fuel my wanderlust.

Journey to UAE & Thailand

My journey began with solo adventures in the UAE and Thailand. Dubai was my first adventure. The Future Museum and the Mobility stall at the 2020 Expo were mesmerizing.

How do I choose travel destinations?

I choose destinations based on interests, using YouTube and fellow travelers’ recommendations. TripIt is my travel planning companion, mapping out every detail.

How to find the best deals on flights?

When it comes to booking flights, I’m a pro at finding the best deals.

  • Incognito mode,

  • Price comparisons,

  • And clever use of credit card discounts ensures I always get the best value.

Where I am travelling next?

While I’m open to exploring anywhere, Peru’s Machu Picchu holds a special place in my heart, a place where history and adventure converge, sitting right at the top of my bucket list.



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Introducing @bookishfoodietravellers, the dynamic travel couple bloggers! 🌍💑

Shraddha, the dentist, and Yogesh, the engineer, combine their passions for travel, books, and food to create thrilling adventures.

Number of countries traveled:

We've explored six countries outside India, most before our content creation journey began. Just a year ago, we took content creation seriously, transforming our travel passion into curated experiences. Our recent adventures took us to Maldives and Vietnam.

How do we plan our travels?

I (Shraddha) enjoy researching and planning, and with Yogesh by my side, we set out on this exciting journey. I prefer reading about travel experiences from blogs and articles rather than watching videos.

Booking International Flights: ✈️

For flights, we rely on Skyscanner or Google Flights. From my experience, booking at least two months in advance secures reasonable rates.

A word of advice to fellow explorers

Discover the true essence of a place beyond Instagram spots. Research, find your vibe, and embrace what you genuinely enjoy. Whether a serene getaway or a bustling city, travel on your terms and make unforgettable memories.

Next on our itinerary?

Japan and Korea top our travel bucket list! We can’t wait to embark on these exciting journeys of discovery!

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Fabulous work team. It feels privileged to be acknowledged and posted on social media… which definitely increases my responsibility to support and lead more members and achieve new goals for self. Wonderful job once again and a big cheers to niyo…


Hey @Dcrag19!

Thank you for your kind words, Raghav!

It’s a pleasure to have you as a valued member of the Niyo Global community. Your dedication to supporting and leading fellow members is commendable. :handshake:

Cheers to you, and to the incredible adventures that lie ahead with Niyo! :earth_africa::airplane: #HumansOfNiyo


Say Hello to Ankit Hassanandani, the Eventful Explorer🌍


"I work in the events industry, specializing in organizing and managing events related to travel and tourism."

Travel Inspiration:

"My passion for travel was sparked by my profession. I travel extensively for events, including international trips with artists and other professionals."

Frequent Destinations:

"Due to work commitments, I frequently visit destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, and Singapore, primarily in Southeast Asia."

Travel Planning:

"When planning a trip, I invest around 20 to 30 days in thorough preparation. This includes watching YouTube vlogs, researching online details, and consulting with my fellow travellers."

Budget Travel:

"For solo backpacking trips, I adopt an economical approach, opting for hostels or regular hotels, using public transportation, and indulging in local cuisine to save money."

Travel Tips:

"I strongly recommend researching your destination beforehand. This includes being aware of common tourist scams, and learning how to save money etc"

Upcoming Travel Plans:

"I'm considering a future trip to Japan, and I recently visited Vietnam in August. My next travel adventure is planned for December 2023 or January 2024."

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My Travel Vlog Youtube Channel where i share my travel experience and stories with tips and usefull info

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Meet @realnawabkhan,

an enthusiastic traveler with a passion for exploring the world.:earth_asia:


"I'm associated with Indian Railways and have a background in teaching finance and marketing."

Travel Enthusiasm:

"I've explored international gems like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam."

Favorite Destination:

"Malaysia takes the top spot in my travel rankings due to its diverse experiences and I've also found joy in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam."

Travel Planning:

"I use Skyscanner and for flights, and Niyo travel blogs for inspiration."

Travel Tips:

"Get multiple international travel cards for lounge access at global airports."


"My travel dreams include visiting New York Square, the Statue of Liberty, and also European backpacking adventure."

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Thank you for giving me this platform which makes me feel home. Being part of Niyo community makes me feel like a family. I love the content and would definitely look forward to be part of more such campaigns.

#niyo #niyoforlife


Thanks a ton for the love! We’re thrilled to have you in the Niyo fam. Get ready for more awesome stuff - we’re just getting started!

Cheers!:clinking_glasses: #niyoforlife :earth_africa:


Say hello to Akshay Mittal,

a software engineer with a passion for travel! He's been to 10 countries so far, including the USA, UAE, Singapore, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Vatican City. 🌍✈️

Here are @aky.mtl’s top tips for budget-savvy travel:

Smart Planning:

My secret to successful travel? Start early! Book flights and accommodations months in advance for better rates. Use search engines like Skyscanner and Momondo for deals, and always hunt for coupons.

Accommodation Strategy:

Choose hotels or Airbnb depending on your trip. Airbnb, with its kitchens for budget-friendly meals, is my go-to for cost-effective flexibility.

Budget Travel Rules:

Public transportation is often your best friend. Opt for day passes or travel cards to simplify costs and take the guesswork out of commuting.

Attraction Savings:

Invest in attraction passes to explore more at a lower cost. Companies like Go City or CityPASS are fantastic options.

Transformative Travel:

Travel broadened my horizons, teaching me to appreciate diverse cultures and languages. Learning a few words in the local language can open doors.

Future Dreams:

My ultimate dream? Witnessing the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. A cruise in Canada or the Nordic countries is on the horizon.

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Meet Nimish Kumar:

“I’m Nimish Kumar, turning 42 soon. Football and traveling have been my go-to things since forever.”

Bollywood Love

“I’ve traveled a lot within India, and it was during one of my trips that I met my wife. Our love story is like a Bollywood movie, full of chance encounters and a touch of fate, leading to a lifetime together.”

How Travel Changed My Life

“A few years ago, I was unhappy with my job, so I quit and went on a big trip. I realized that traveling is more than just a hobby for me—it’s a way to find peace and happiness.”

Beyond Borders

“Beyond India, I’ve been to places like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Vietnam, and Qatar. I went to Qatar for the Football World Cup, and it was an amazing experience.”

Traveling Isn't a Hobby;

“Traveling for me is not just about seeing new places. It’s about finding yourself, making memories, and enjoying the journey.”

Life's Adventure

"I'll keep traveling for the rest of my life. It's always an adventure, and I love discovering new things."

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Say hello to Sourabh Shah:

“Hi Travelers :grinning: I’m Sourabh Shah, a recent graduate from Pune, Maharashtra, and travel is my passion.”

Exploring India's Charm > Rajasthan:

"My love for exploring and traveling began in my own country, with Rajasthan's rich history and culture igniting my curiosity."

International Adventures:

"My wanderlust soon took me abroad, where I've experienced the raw beauty of Thailand, the modern marvels of Singapore, and the architectural spectacle of Dubai."

Connecting Through Cultures

“Through these escapades, I’ve discovered the true essence of travel – its ability to connect us with different cultures and broaden our perspectives.”

Culinary and Cultural Delights:

“Baklava in Dubai and those thin pancakes in Thailand are a must-try. But beyond the flavors, it’s the people and cultures that shape my travels. Singapore’s disciplined work culture left a lasting impression on my outlook.”

Anticipating Uzbekistan's Wonders

“I’m excited to travel to Uzbekistan soon. I want to learn about its history, culture, and see the beautiful landscapes.”

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Hey adventurers! 🤓

I'm Sumin Pillai.

I went solo traveling in Europe for 6 months, starting from Spain, moving through Portugal, and spending a good 3.5 months in France. Did a 10-day trek in the Pyrenees, carried my own food, walking around different parts of France. Set up my tent wherever I felt like, just going with the flow for those 10 days.

The weather got pretty tough during the trek. I expected -10 degrees, but it got even colder, like -25 degrees up north.

Best part? Making friends with locals in France. We did some wrestling and ended up on this spontaneous drive from Toulouse to Carcassonne for lunch and castle hopping.

Met some cool folks who shared coffee, cakes, and stories. Dealt with language stuff in rural places using signs and basic talk.

And food, oh man! Tried local dishes, from frogs to pigeon meat. Loved this French dish called “Cassoulet” with beans, duck, and sausage.

Looking back, traveling made me more easygoing. Now, I’m cool with changes in my life, seeing them as chances to grow. Good times! :star_struck:

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Hi, I'm Bhavesh Sadhnani,

a business consultant by day and an avid traveler and food blogger by heart. My story isn’t just about the destinations; it’s about the unexpected adventures and the flavors that linger.

Imagine a night in Vietnam, 3 AM at a local bar. My friends and I, caught in a fix as every card gets declined – except my Niyo Global card. A moment of panic turned into laughter, and I became the unexpected hero of the night!

But my adventures are not all about close calls. They are about immersing in cultures, like the time I savored a Thai curry in Vietnam, so authentic and flavorful. Or that exciting moment in Dubai, sliding down a glass slide from the 53rd floor of the Address Sky View Hotel, the city’s lights twinkling like stars beneath me.

Travel for me is an escape, a way to break free from the routine, to explore, to taste, and to live fully. As I set my sights on Australia next, I’m ready for new adventures, new flavors, and unforgettable memories.

Every trip, every bite, every heart-stopping moment – that’s my story. Let’s keep exploring, one journey at a time.

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