Transaction failed but still money debited

I had made a transaction on UKVIs site yesterday of Rs 36444 using the Niyo Global Card which was not successful and UKVI clearly stated that the payment had been declined by the card provider and they even have sent a mail for the same. On the other hand my money was debited from the account and have received no notification of a failed transaction from the bank or Niyo Global. Instead today I have received a mail of the amount being debited from my account by the Bank. Please help me out with this and resolve this.
The loop hole here is the bank numbers received in the email is not reachable only and no number of the bank works. We cannot contact anyone directly for such urgent issues.

Hey @ShivamAgarwal! Welcome to Niyo Community!

For an unsuccessful international transaction, it may take up to 15 business days to receive a refund to your account. We kindly request you to kindly wait until then for the auto refund.

If do not receive the refund within the mentioned timeline, kindly write to us at with the transaction reference number available in the ‘Transaction’ tab of your app and we’ll have that investigated from our end. Also, for any help. you should be able to connect with the live chat support through the Niyo SBM app.


But @Deepak I didn’t understand why was my amount debited in the first place though the transaction was not successful and the amount was not taken by UKVI. This has now blocked such a large amount of mine for 15 days which is not acceptable and I am in need of that money. I had to pay the UKVI via another card for that transaction and that too on credit. Please see to it and help me out. UKVI had clearly stated that the amount has not been withdrawn from my account. PFA the images for your reference.

Please respond.

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Mera bhi problem hai 99,000/- 2 din pahele credit huva he
02/08/2022 ka Transction tha aur paisa cut gaya lekin atm mese nahi mila muje, uske bad 20/08/2022 ke din Display pe balance show hone laga lekin use nahi kar pa raha hu aur Ticket pe Ticket Riase kar rahe hai a log… Aaur kitne din ticket raise karenge ?