Amount Debited but Transaction Failed


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I made an online international transaction to UK with my Niyo Global Debit Card. But when making payment I got a message from the payment gateway → “The Authorisation has been declined by the Bank. Please try a different Card”.

When I checked the Niyo GLobal App it showed server issue.

But after a while it showed that the amount got detucted in the app but the Receiver did not get the payment.

Please look into this issue, the amount is huge and I have to pay my rent as soon as possible.
I have attached the screenshots.

Hey @jash! Inconvenience regretted!

As the transaction was not successful, you may receive an auto refund to your account. The refund for an international transaction may take a slightly longer time. Approximately, may take up to 15 days. We kindly request you to wait until then. We understand that it’s a huge amount, please be assured that your funds will be safer. If you do not receive the refund in the given timeframe, please reach out to our live chat support or write to us at


Hi @Deepak ,

Please take this issue serious and look after that the refund process gets completed as soon as possible.

Hi, @jash did you get your refund ? I have the same problem too…

Hi @astra ,

Not yet. It has been only 5 working days.
I had messaged another person with same problems, he said he got it. So hopefully :crossed_fingers:t4: