Automatically debited amount from niyo account

I deposited initial amount to niyo account and I ordered card . After that I tried withdraw that amount 5000 it shown failed. Then I checked my transaction .there it showing debited the amount automatically .

here I uploaded that screenshot.

Hey @Muhammed_M

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Worry not, the funds should reflect back to the source account in 24 -48 business hrs from the date of transaction. In case there is any delay, we request you to reach out to offer the needed support.

Ranjith M

I raise ticket also.but no one giving reply for that ticket.

Hi @Muhammed_M, our team had asked you for the required details over an email with the reference numbers 1392944 and 1393033 please do share the requested details over an email to them. our team will further take it up. Thank you!

Can you mention that email address?

Hi @Muhammed_M, regret the delay in response. Write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better.