Amount debited even though transaction was unsuccessful. Receiver also didn't got the amount

Hi Team

This is regarding one of my transactions that happened on 19th August around 3pm. The transaction initially failed so I paid by other means but after 30-40 min I got a message that my transaction was successful. So the amount of 900 euro got debited but the receiver hasn’t received it . Kindly look into it as soon as possible as the amount is huge and it is very concerning to me.

ticket number is 1404903.

Hoping to hear from you soon


Attached is the screenshot of the transaction

Hi This same issue happened with me as well … even I am stuck and not getting any proper response

Hey similar issue with me as well

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Hey @Garvit_Gulati! We are sorry about this instance. Your transaction might not be successful due to network/connectivity-related issues. If the amount has been deducted for a failed transaction, please do not worry, an auto refund shall be processed within 15 business days, and we kindly request you to wait until then.

If you do not receive the refund by then, feel free to connect with our live chat support through the Niyo SBM app or write to us at from your registered email. Rest assured, we’ll help you.



Hi Niyo Team,

I am Panchanan and I tried to withdraw cash from an ATM in Seminyak, Bali. The transaction failed and I didn’t received cash but later when I checked my balance I saw the amount was debited.

Kindly help.

Even same issue with me. Amount got debited but did ATM did not dispensed the cash

Hi niyo,

This is the first ever irritating problem I have been experiencing from you

I am with the same case and lost 50000 rs in two different transactions of 17000 PHP which are really in need time and I am really expecting the solution to be fast and there was email to me saying the querie solved on the ticket number: 1408064

But it didn’t solve yet I didn’t recieve my refund yet…!!

Solve this sooon please…!!

Hey, did you got refunded?

Hey still no update kindly please escalate from your end

Not yet still waiting…I m fed up

They didn’t respond yet I am really fed up and fucked up with this transaction

Did anyone got refunded

Hey, @Garvit_Gulati did you get it back??