Transaction failed but money deducted from my niyo account

My transaction in with niyo SBM app have the same problem, I have sent the amount yesterday using imps from my niyo SBM account to HDFC Bank. The transaction was failed and to my surprise the amount (1 lakh) got deducted, and it also stated bank servers are down. Moreover, the amount wasn’t received with the HDFC Bank also I have confirmed with them. Please do the necessary help I have reached to niyo customer care and SBM bank too. I need that amount to be transferred within 2 days. The customer care id - R000451209 and ticket number is 1092005. Please look into the issue ASAP. Thank you

Hello @challa_karthik! Regret the inconvenience :slightly_frowning_face:

This is something unusual. In case, if the transaction is declined and if the amount got debited from your account, the amount will be refunded to your account within 3-5 business days.