Transferred funds to niyo from ICICI, but funds not received

I made a transfer from my ICICI bank account but the transaction timed. But the money was debited from my ICICI account and it is not reflecting in niyo.
I received the below message:
Dear Customer, IMPS Txn Ref. 223222346096 for Rs 57,000.00 is timed out at Beneficiary Bank on 20-Aug-22. Txn status will be updated by Beneficiary Bank in 3 working days - ICICI Bank.

I don’t have 3 working days with me

Kindly resolve the issue soon as I have to travel abroad on Tuesday, ie., on 23rd August 2022 morning, and I don’t have much time to get a forex card as I was completely dependent upon niyo for help.
I am disappointed with this issue as none of my friends suffered this issue, yet here I am, not sure where my money is and whether I’ll get it back or not…

Hello @Aaryan_Krishna! Welcome to Niyo Community.

Please be informed that, if funds are not credited to the account. It should be refunded to your source account within 48 hours. We request you contact the Source Bank after 48 Hours to check the same. Please reach out to our Live chat support by navigating through the Menu->Support section in the Niyo SBM app if we can ever assist in the future.- WB

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This is major issue in Niyo card and I have suffered it twice. I am left stranded with no money in Spain for 48 hours. Just imagine harassing it’s customers in abroad. I am going to court against this fintech company once back to India in few days.

Hello @Abhinav_Prakash! Upon checking with the Bank, the IMPS transfer of INR 20,471 is still not credited to your Niyo Global By SBM account. We request you please wait for 48 Hours. The funds should either get reversed to HDFC A/c or will be credited to your Niyo SBM A/c. - WB