Transaction failed: timed out

yesterday i transferred money from HDFC bank account to Niyo through IMPS, but the transaction failed. The amount was debited but not credited to my Niyo account. I tried transferring the money again, but again the same thing happened. My HDFC account was debited again but not credited to Niyo. I have raised tickets - 1417009 and 1417012. But the tickets have been closed without resolving the issue. please help on priority as im in urgent need of funds.

Hey @caritikachopra! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Our team had replied on both tickets. If you haven’t received a reply on your ticket, I’m sorry about that.

As checked, funds are not credited to your Niyo Global account. We kindly request you to wait for 2 business days and check your source account (HDFC). The amount should get auto refunded. For any further help, reach out to our live chat support through your Niyo Global app.