Pathetic Service| Card delivery more than 25 days

First impression lasts for long !!
Recently Open an account and requested for Card delivery at address.
Service delivery partner ‘Delhivery’ picked up the card and after a week of wastage initiated the return with a reason of ‘location not serviceable’.
(Wondering why it take this much of time to scan pincode and decide it cannot be served)

Hope instead of initiating the return they would have thought about giving a call to customer to avoid delay in service.
Now Niyo Support team is saying it will take another 20 - 25 working days i.e. over a month of time.
Please refrain from applying if you are hoping the card delivery for 5-10 working days as company promises & especially you have an urgent travel been planned.
Ticket #1307695


Hey @Gauravg !

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We never intend to provide such an experience. We regret the inconvenience. We would request you allow us some time so that we can check and get back to you with an update at the earliest. We request your patience in this.:pray:t2: - WB

Hi Wasim, I am traveling on 15th June and not keeping any hope to get it delivered prior to it now.

Both delhivery and niyo are pathetic bro. The same thing happened with me too. Delhivery did not call me and returned. I stay at center of Hyderabad and other online delivery happens fine.
Niyo just left it. They dont care . I am following up since 30 days, every day they they are sorry … :rofl::rofl:
Time has come to forget niyo and switch to something reliable. They might charge some markup but atleast u have a card.

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Hi Toyesh, thanks for mentioning about your experience, it might help @Niyo team to understand the customers pain and revisit Delhivery contract terms rather being sorry.

One of my friend also told about Delhivery similar instance on other online platform where they return the product without informing the customer and creating a chaos.

@Gauravg , @Toyesh_Patra hope you’ll get your Card soon .
Could you do one more thing if you’ve extra free time ,
Go to DelhiVery site >>
fill Contact form>>
write there with reason like- courier person didn’t contacted and wrote wrong address which is in my Aadhar Card etc .

Definitely Niyo Team is trying to resolved the issue , but this problem comes by Courier service . You Can Understand the problem.

Hi Roshan - Can you help me with any screenshot of their mistake, I can raise the flag with accurate details and get attention to it.

Meanwhile, can you share with what medium our card is been sent now and what action Niyo team has taken to expedite the delivery now?

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if “ there" refer to to courier service, their courier person does mistake by updating wrong info to the portal . ( I’ve personal experiences earlier with DelhiVery & Ecom Express both) .

As Per DelhiVery rules for delivery , they must try 3/4 days before sending back the consignment if phone number is not reachable or location not traceable.
But they do sometimes gimmick and wrote issue like -
1 . wrong address,
2 . Customer doesn’t want product
3. Are is not in their service location
Blah blah.

Screenshot I can’t provide as I don’t have any authority however you can login with your number to check details.
For more @Deepak will assist you further.

@Deepak @Roshan i understand that delhivery should have tried multiple times before returning it back. But now once it is returned back to you, what is taking you so long to re-dispatch ? My card was retuned back to you on 14may. Today is 4 june. Still you are not able to re-dispatch it ? I see multiple people in this community facing same issue since days, but still this issue is not permanently resolved. I hope you guys understand that people needs this card for international travel. So if you are not able deliver the card before our travel dates , then the entire purpose of this startup is defeated.
If you guys are not the concerned people of looking into this issue, please highlight and escalate it to the correct team. If not resolve, please show some progress.


Hi @Roshan @Deepak, I spoke to SBM bank and they told me its Niyo team who manages the debit card dispatch & maintenance. SBM bank has no relation since its created via NiyoGlobal digital partner but not directly with bank.
Now, please help us understand as mentioned by @Toyesh_Patra, why you/your team is taking 25 working days and infact more than that for him. What exactly are the steps you have done to mitigate this problem?
Also, why this is not been escalated towards Delhivery team as well as your internal process ?

Note- I still haven’t got any update about my debit card delivery too.

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Hey @Gauravg! We understand your point and we agree that it shouldn’t take such a long time to deliver the card to you. As the card has been returned to the source, they need to re-dispatch the card to you. On your behalf, we are following up with the bank and feedback has been shared with the delivery partner on this and they are working to improve the services.

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Hi @Deepak , I already spoke to the SBM bank yesterday and they confirmed they don’t have the card and it is purely with Niyo team as it is not issued by band directly but via their digital partner i.e. @theniyo. Do you know where the card is at the moment? Can you arrange a call back from some higher authority?

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This happened to me too! The niyo guys didn’t update the complete address provided to them nd therefore Delhivery guys didn’t deliver it to me… After calling them multiple times they informed the card is with them and i need to collect.
The address that was put on my package was just a one liner with street name and pin code! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Same problem with me. My card was shipped on 5 June to destination but despite multiple calls and followups Delhivery is not responding properly and so is Niyo Global. Everyone promises it will come today and it doesn’t come. I am travelling and without this physical card the service is of no use. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. AND WASTING TIME WITH NIYO , IF I KNEW EARLIER I WOULD HAVE GONE FOR OTHER CARDS.

Problem is made worse as the address that is provided is not complete address and that further creates confusion.


@Winston_Almeida you were at least lucky that they called you for pickup, I still don’t know where my card is at the moment and in which location. All support executives of the Niyo team failed to answer this. I understand your frustration and struggling the same now.
I’ll keep this group updated if I receive my card before my travel start date, keeping no hope purely on the basis of other customers’ negative feedback.

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@nilabha_bhattacharya @Toyesh_Patra @Winston_Almeida @Roshan - All, I tried to raise a concern so that it reaches the right person/team. Kindly refer to the below tweet if you would like it to be addressed for yourself. Thanks.

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I have tagged the CEO too if the issue catches some attention. As per the reply again some more waiting we need to do.

I can understand the situation.

Here, Who has “N” badges in Profile Pic is a Niyo Employee.
Only these persons can help you in a better ways as they have access of system.

@Deepak , @Bansari and many more for reference you can contact here .

@Gauravg sorry to say I won’t be able to further reply now , as NiYo members don’t want/need.
You can understand , each reply/post is not going to approve and whole efforts are meaningless .

May be This is last time replying here.

Thank You #Niyo

@Wasim_Al_Basha @Deepak - Guys can you track if any progress been made on this request. I still have 5 days left before I make my travel. See if you can do some magic.

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@Gauravg we are constantly following up with the bank to know the updated status and to expedite the card delivery. Unfortunately, it’s taking a long time and we sincerely apologise for it.

@Toyesh_Patra we would like to know if the card has been delivered to you or not yet.