Card delivery super delayed and no support from Niyo and Delivery partner

My card was dispatched on 9th July and reached Hyderabad on 11th July, but still not delivered to my home in Hyderabad. I need to leave abroad tomorrow and if you can help me to get the card by today or tomorrow. I have reached out to Delhivery team (TRACKING ID 12424110780452) and Niyo support several times but of no use so far. I even asked for warehouse address to pickup the package from there, but received no response. I ordered this card for my foreign travel and if I don’t get it before tomorrow then there is no use of this card and Niyo account for me; and in that case I’ll close my account with you because of your bad service and delivery. I cannot trust a brand which doesn’t even have a way to track the delivery with their courier partners, assume what will happen if I am stuck somewhere in foreign country with some issue with your card/account. Extremely bad service experience.

Hey @dnbhatt ! We regret the inconvenience. This is not the level of service we expect any of our customers to receive. Please be informed that, we’ve escalated this issue to our delivery team. Rest assured, we’ll get back to you with an update as soon as possible. -WB

I am facing the same issue.

It’s been almost 12 days since I have been waiting for my card to be delivered. My shipment shipment has already reached the city Saharanpur on 8th of July. Delhivery your delivery partner is not able to deliver my card as no delivery agent from their side contacted me for the delivery. My card is stuck in In-transit from their side and they are not even cancelling it from their end if they are not able to deliver it. Also I have no clue what the the reason behind not able to deliver the card.

I have raised multiple complaints/threads with them but there is no update on them from their end. I have no clue why they are not able to deliver my card. I have asked them the reason for not being able to deliver it and I have no replies from them. They change my delivery date to the current day’s date but nothing is happening.

I have been connected one of your Agent names “Ibrahim Sharieff” on an email thread, he also didn’t able to resolve this issue as he just replied to me to wait for the delivery on 18th of July as it was showing on Delhivery tracking status and I waited for 3 days and the card is still not delivered and as I mentioned Delhivery team changes the date to be delivered daily to current day’s date automatically and they are not able to deliver the card.

And today when I again raised issue in the same thread with the delivery concern. Your same agent “Ibrahim” has again copy pasted the same response and he just closed the ticket without even resolving it.

Escalating this as the estimated delivery is also crossed as per the Niyo Global App. Please ask your delivery partner to cancel the shipment and send the card back to the bank. So that I can place another order with Niyo Global.

This is quite urgent for me now. I need urgent resolution on this issue from your end as Delhivery is not able to resolve this issue.

I have received my Card. Thanks for helping out here @Wasim_Al_Basha .