Not updating account status even after completing kyc

Even after completing the KYC at nearest equitas branch my application is still showing pending full KYC somebody help me with this.

Hey, Hi sagar. As far as I know Niyo X KYC is different from Equitas Branch KYC. Only Niyo X Kyc is required which is provided niyox agent at home itself.

They were not providing option of completing kyc at desired address , so i had to go to bank and they even confirmed my account number and all details.

Hey Sagar! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Please note that as you have completed the KYC at the nearest branch, it will not be reflected in the application right away. We request you to ignore the pending actions indicating to complete it and assure you that there shouldn’t be any issue in performing your banking operations. This should be resolved and updated in the app soon.
Also, regarding your physical card, you can connect directly with the Equitas call centre to follow up on the delivery. LK

Customer service number is also not operational

Hey @Sagar_Kadambande, you can reach the Equitas Customer care at: 18001031222. SR

Niyox promises free debit card and bank is asking for 118 rs charge for card, fix this first are we opening it with niyo or equitasbank

I was being asked to complete KYC in My application of niyoX, so I decided to call any agent through an application for full KYC but when I saw my permanent address was there and I wanted agent on current address so I called equitasbank because niyox number was not working, they said you can complete your niyox KYC at nearest branch so I went to equitas and completed my KYC, now in an application I am not receiving any update regarding my completion of KYC,
So when I posted this problem on community someone said that you just have to ignore it it will be cleared automatically in an application,but it did not happened,

So I raised ticket from an application, I received an email saying go to the internet banking change your permanent address to current communication address and you can call an agent to your current address for KYC completion, so what is a sense of calling agent twice just for completing KYC of a same person, i even received passbook from bank, still I tried to register for internet banking as they said, when I tried to register for that it’s said that you have not registered with internet banking kindly call the customer care of equitas bank and here we go again the cycle repeats like this every time ever since I opened an account.

what I want now is ordering a debit card but niyox contact number is not working basically nothing is working, there are so many bugs in niyox application, updating customer KYC status internet banking, ordering card Changing address calling Customer support, i can keep going on.

Hey Sagar! We deeply regret the inconvenience. We are getting this checked for you and we will get back to you with an update on the matter shortly. LK

Hey Sagar! We tried calling you on your registered number but we couldn’t get connected as it was switched off. Please note that since you have got the Biometrics for your account completed directly at the Bank’s end, you have now become a direct customer of Equitas Small Finance Bank, instead of NiyoX. Please get in touch with Equitas Small Finance Bank for any further queries related to the matter. We appreciate your understanding in the matter. LK