No refund received even after 15 days

This is in reference to my transactions of 300 SGD on 29 July 2022 that was supposed to be refunded. As per the other bank, they have done the refund from their side but i have not received it in my bank account. They asked me to contact my bank. 060302/221006505417/00000000/ POSISS/POPULAR RENT A . This is the transaction id. It’s been more than 15 days and still i haven’t got any refund and didn’t hear anything from your service team.

Hey @NishantY

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We’re yet to receive the settlement. We request you to get a settlement confirmation from the merchant, so we can take this up with the bank and duly address your concern. As per the standard international refund timeline in 15 working days for auto refund. Worry not, once you share the confirmation, we’ll pitch in for you.

Ranjith M

Hi Rajnith
I contacted the merchant and as per them, the amount was put on hold as security and was released the next day i.e. on 30 July by their bank. I asked them to provide me some confirmation and they said that it is not possible for them because the amount was not credited to the merchant it was just placed on hold. I am attaching the screenshot that my merchant provided me after contacting their bank.

Hi @NishantY , did you get your money back? How long does this process take?

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I am facing the same issue with refunds, the merchant says the refund has been initiated and settled but I do not see the information on my NIYO card while travelling to the USA. @NishantY have you got the refund yet?

Hi Akash,
I received it more than a month later.
But dont worry you will get it.

Hi @aakashsingh, did you get the refund? I’m also in a similar situation and stressed out.

Any updates? Even I’m waiting for refund. They said it will take T+31 days for auto reversal of payments. Its already past 31 days

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31 days?? It’s too much. Should have used credit card. @Jumain_Qureshi please see to it that it does not take this much time.

@Sumanth_Govinde did you reach out to your bank?

@rpriyanshu9 , fortunately I received refund yesterday late night (T+31 days), - (Same day when I posted here). That’s what they had communicated before. But still this is far too time for instant reversal of money.
Yes according to their FAQ page, they have mentioned that auto reversal of money takes 31 days from transaction date.