Niyo Support is Dead

I created my Niyo account 1.5 years back. That time, it was very good experience.
I was getting response from customer support quickly enough.

Based on that experience, I created account for one of my family members yesterday. Firstly, we got issue with KYC experience. Then, the debit card no. is generated, but the CVV is not shown in the app which is required to activate debit card and set pin.

Tried contacting Customer support through chat, but the response comes after 3 hours and even when the chat has all the context about my query, the customer support person replies “since you are offline, closing the chat”. Why? The question is all there, answer it. Or call me back. It feels like they have this strategy of getting rid of all the customer queries.

There is no option to create support ticket. The chat bot incorrectly notifies that the support ticket is created but it never gets created.

Found a number to connect to DCB customer service but that is also bot-only with FAQ-type queries. There is no way you can talk to some person and get help.

Overall, very bad experience. I would never recommend Niyo to anyone again. Closing this account within a day of getting created. This is the fastest I’ve ever closed an account :joy::joy:

Hi Rahul,

We appreciate you taking the time to share your recent experience with us. We’re truly sorry to hear about the challenges you’ve faced with our services. It’s certainly not the level of experience we aim to provide our customers.

As we couldn’t locate your account details with the provided email address, rahul********* . We understand the importance of resolving your concerns, and we want to assure you that we’re here to help.

We kindly ask for additional details or an alternate contact method that we can use to locate your account and investigate the matter thoroughly.