Great application, poor customer service

I have been using Niyo for the last since December 2019 in Europe and Canada and had no issues with any transactions. The app worked great and frankly I was happy with the product.

In August, my card stopped working and i couldn’t log into the app. Thinking that it was an app error I waited for a few days. Still no change.

I tried to get in touch with Niyo first through the contact us option on their page. No response. Then tried finding the helpline number. Apparently there is no international helpline number which is a serious drawback for someone who is using a Global card. If someone has a problem overseas then the only option is to email/whatsapp which takes days to resolve the problem.

I finally found out their whatsapp number (i couldn’t use the app since it was not working) and I received a ticket number and got a message from Jatin stating that he will be looking into the matter. I was informed that my account was suspended as they suspected that my account was compromised. While I appreciate the prompt action taken, Niyo never bothered to inform me of this action. Imagine being in a foreign land with no access to your funds, no idea why this issue is there and no access to a speedy resolution

Moreover, while Jatin is helping me every step of the way (on Whatsapp) I keep receiving mails from five employees under the same ticket number that they don’t have information to proceed in the case and one even stated that my ticket will now be put on hold. I even asked what information they needed but no response was received just the same message that they don’t have enough information.

Clearly either the employees don’t bother to read all the information or a very bad CRM tool is being used which causes confusion for the customer

This experience has left a awful impression of Niyo with me and hopefully this message will be read by someone who can address the issues and implement proper solutions for them.

Yes, poor customer service. I registered a complaint 2 months ago but not yet responded till today.

Hi Jayant, please write to me at with your CRN #… regret inconvenience. Regards

Instead, why dont you respond to me over call.

Thank you for your time over the call, Jayant. We’ve shared the card tracking information through the ticket ID: 748536. Please refer the details and feel free to contact us for any further assistance. We’d be more than happy to help you.


Hi Vinay,
I have written what i wanted. My problem has been rectified but as mentioned above there are several other issues that Niyo needs to work on.