Niyo global sbm charges

Dear team,

Can you please confirm what is the MAB For Niyo global SBM Account, if we have ordered the physical card.

Also what are the charges for non maintenance of MAB.

Thank you

Hey @hitesh_Patel! There are no MAB criteria for Niyo Global by SBM. You can maintain any amount. There are no charges for not maintaining an account balance. Here’s the interest you can earn per annum for the balance you maintain in the Niyo Global by SBM account.

3.5% for INR Balance <= 2 Lac
4% for INR Balance > 2 Lac and <= 5 Lac
5 % for INR Balance > 5 Lac

To order the debit card, you need to add Rs.5000 to the account. And there’s no annual maintenance fee on the debit card.