Niyo global card by equitas

Does Niyo global debit card by equitas work in Japan? Is RBI ban still applicable to this? What’s the difference between Niyo global equitas card and NiyoX card by equitas?


Glad you enquired!

Just a quick heads-up – the RBI has temporarily paused international transactions on your Niyo Global SBM Debit Card. :earth_africa: But know worries! You can still enjoy hassle-free international and domestic transactions using our Niyo Global Equitas Debit Card, Niyo Global DCB Card, and the Niyo Global Secured Credit Card. :shopping::credit_card: We’ve got you covered!

The Niyo Global (Equitas) Debit Card comes with no Annual Maintenance Charges. When you order the card, there is only a one-time upfront cost of 199+GST (Rs. 235 approx), which will be completely refunded to you after you load Rs. 1,000 or more in a single transaction.

However, if you are an existing NiyoX (Equitas) customer, please note that there is an annual maintenance fee of 199+GST. Also, this fee will be fully refunded to you once you maintain
a minimum balance of Rs. 5,000 for any three months in a year.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. :envelope_with_arrow::+1::smile:

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