Niyo DCB Debit card charges 500+GST if AQB of 5000 is not maintained for each quarter!

Niyo DCB Savings bank is Zero balance account and there are no charges. But you hide face that DCB debit card (which is a part of savings account) has 500+gst charges for debit card annual charges, if AQB of 5000 is not maintained in Niyo DCB savings bank

  1. How come savings account have no charges for not maintaining AQB or no requirement of AQB for Niyo DCB savings account, but debit card by niyo dcb which falls udner Niyo DCB savings account has annual debit card charges of 500+gst if AQB 5000 is not maintained in Niyo DCB Savings account. Isn’t your earlier statement savings bank has no charges isn’t misleading? please answer

  2. Further, I had a Fixed deposit with DCB and Niyo DCB doesn’t consider Fixed deposit of Dcb for AQB. you are reluctant and making people tied to place ateast 5000 in savings DCB. please clarify why you don’t consider AQB of Fixed deposits for not levying annual charges for niyo dcb debit card

  3. In addition there is no clarity on maintaining AQB 5000 for no charges for niyo dcb for any one quarter or for all four quarters. Can Niyo clarify why is this


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