Niyo Global Card Not delivered

I was supposed to receive the card by May 04, 2022 as per Niyo & Delhivery, the card reached the destination city on 4th May itself, till now the card has not been delivered. Delhivery is one of the worst service, after checking their Twitter timeline I got to know that many of their customers are facing issues like mine.

and after connecting with Niyo CS, they just reply stating that they are working on priority.

I just lost hope on receiving the card now.

Hey @Sainath201! Regret the delay! We’ve escalated this to our courier partner and are following up with them on a priority basis. Kindly allow us some time and we’ll help you with an update on this.


Update on ticket 1275212

I got a call from Delhivery Hyderabad branch, they told that the shipment has been damaged and they are returning it back to source location.

Hey @Sainath201! Regret the inconvenience! Rest assured, the card will be re-dispatched to you once it is received at the source location.

I have also lost hope. It came to Hyderabad, after that I see the status as NOT DELIVERED and it has automatically returned back. I have also tried multiple times to get some status update from niyo . They are just passing time. All they say is we are looking into it , after that you will not here a single update. It has been more than 1 month , they are still looking into it.
The thing is once we have become customers, now they dont care . Shitty company.

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I have ordered my card on 30th april. It goy returned before even attempting delivery . It has been 1 month after i ordered. I have raised tickets - 1275118 , 1302547. Can you please tell what is the issue and when can i get my card.

Hey @Toyesh_Patra! Welcome to Niyo Community! We are sorry about the delay in delivering the card to you. The delay has been escalated to the bank and our team is following up with them to expedite it. We’ll update the status to you on your ticket 1275118.