Niyo global app not working

I have added some amount to the card so i went to check updated balance but app is not opening even after fingerprint authentication and pin. So i uninstalled and installed the app again. Now when Im inputting my phone number for signing in, it says “Encountered an error”.

Please assist as I’ll be travelling abroad in few days.

Yeah same problem here


Facing the same issue

I’ve also tried changing networks, re-installing but still won’t work.

I have the same issue and I have just joined the app and put in the initial 5000 and I want to order the card ASAP .

Hi Team,
I have Niyo global a/c and i am not able to login for last 2 days. I am getting error on Enter Passcode page - “Null Check operator used on null value”.

Can someone please advise on same?

Same prb here. I reinstalled the app. Now it’s not letting me login by saying Encountered an error


I am facing the same issue. I am not able to log in to my account and it throws this error “Null Check operator used on null value”. Kindly clarify this.

Hey @Shantanu_Damle @Mallika99 @Mehak_Ahuja @Madhav_patwardhan @niranjanchakrabhavi @Kaptansaab! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! We were facing some connectivity issues due to a maintenance activity which has affected the functionality of the app. Our team is working on this on a priority basis. We kindly request you to retry in a while and you should be able to access your account through the Niyo SBM without any issues.